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How does a resume template builder works?

If you’re looking for a professional resume template to quickly edit and use for job application then you’ve come to the right place. A fast, easy and FREE Resume Template builder lets you create your resume in minutes so you don’t lose the opportunity to apply for your dream job. Here’s how it works:


Browse Resume
Builder Library

Select a job category from the drop down list to let the resume builder populate with tons of professional resume templates. Our resume sample library is comprehensive and contains resumes of all types ranging from basic to modern and creative.


Customize Your
Resume Template

Got your favorite resume template? Now time to customize your career information. Just click and edit your information on the resume creator with just a few clicks. You can also import your career information from your LinkedIn profile.


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Professional Resume

Our resume templates are designed to impress and build your reputation before the interview. We make the process of professional resume writing easy so you can concentrate on how to ace your interview.

Literally, you can create your resume in minutes. Try it now!

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Thousands of free and downloadable resume templates for every job and industry. Get a free resume template

Why Choose Free Resume Templates?

Customized resume writing has never been easier before than with a resume template builder.

Easy and Fast Edits

Our resume creator contains thousands of resume samples which you can customize as your own with simple click and edit features. No more worries about writing your resume; all resume samples are pre-set with career objective, professional summary, experience and skills.

Professional Resumes

Our resume template builder features creative and professionally designed templates, which are guaranteed to attract recruiters at first glance. Even if you don’t like what you see on a resume sample, you can edit colors, texts and arrange them all according to your own choice.

ATS Friendly Templates

All our resume templates are created by consulting HR executives, recruiters and job board managers who know how application tracking systems work. Any template you pick will be unique and contains all the relevant keywords to pass any ATS.

Downloadable and Usable Files

That’s right! As soon as you review and finalize your favorite resume template you can download it as a PDF file which can be used instantly with your cover letter to apply for your dream job. Why wait for someone else to create your resume when you can do your own?

Resume Samples for Ideas

If you’re someone who likes to create your own resume from scratch, stir up your imagination with tens of thousands of resume samples for ideas. You’ll never get enough of the variety and different types of resume designs in our resume template builder.

Industry Categorization

We have resume templates for all types of industry so that whatever the nature of your profession you’ll be able to find a unique resume sample for your need. And if there is ann industry missing from the list, let us know, we’ll build it for you.
Creative Resume

Career Resumes

Career resumes are modeled around the career level of the job seeker. Thus, a senior level professional will have more information to show to potential employers as compared to low level interns. But does that mean that they shouldn’t have a resume at all? Of course not! That’s why career resumes are a good starting place to help you select the right level.

Creative Resume

Creative Resumes

Ever wondered what resumes of writers, authors, graphic designers and animators would look like? They are a visual treat to say the least. They’re colorful, creative, and contain designs to showcase their talent and skills to attract potential employers on the spot. And we’ve used the same visual design strategy to create our creative resume templates. Check them out!

Creative Resume

Professional Resumes

Whether you’re a doctor, engineer, lawyer or chartered accountant etc. you need a professional resume to apply to organizations you want to partner with or work in. Of course you may end up as an associate or resident expert, but before you even step through their doors, organizations of these professions want to see how professional you are and what you’re bringing on board when you join them. A professional resume is the way to do it. Get yours from Free Resume Templates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each industry has various templates for the clients to review. These templates are designed as per the current standards of the job market. These templates are created separately for each industry based on the sort of certification required, the basic objective of the profile and the educational and work experience required. Candidates can review more than one resume template based on their level of experience and designation in the industry.
The resume creator also have templates which are suitable for fresh graduates and entry level positions. Instead of having less content these resumes focus on the profile and skills of the candidates giving them a standard chance at the available job. Candidates can review and edit these resume templates and view how the various sections have relevant information and content.
Our resume generator literally get more than half job done for you. Candidates who design their own resume need to go through a complete research process which includes reviewing other resumes, understanding the language and terminology used, crafting an impressive objective statement, compiling all your work and education data, curriculum vitae and putting all that into use. They also need to review what latest resume styles are present and what works best for their industry. All this work is tiresome but on the other hand these pre-made resume templates and designs are made separately for each individual designation and industry after careful research and market analysis. Each resume has separate sections and information added to clients can have a general idea of what and how they are required to add in these sections. Instead of having to build the entire thing, our resume builder simply require you to edit the templates which save hours of work and research.
Yes, recruiters encourage candidates to design different resumes for different industries and job positions. This shows a variety and diverse work skills. Our resume maker allows you to create separate resumes and download them as PDF files after making necessary changes.
Absolutely! Resumes designed through our resume creator have the latest resume styles and ideas as per the industries. We make sure that our professional resume designers have catered to each and every industry and researched on what is required and demanded in the job descriptions. These standards are all set in the resumes which are available for immediate edits and download.