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Free Accounting Resume Templates

Professional Accounting resumes which will guarantee you good career exposure and excellent opportunities in your field. Our website has pre-made sets of accounting resumes which you can easily access after defining your industry, and then pick the best option available out of plenty. The professional resume builder requires no additional formatting except a few personal details which can be edited easily. If you are working on an entry level or have reached to the position of managerial or executive position then you will find tons of resumes belonging to your industry and level of specialization.


AAT Courses – Association of Accounting Technicians is an accounting qualification which is related to Chartered Accountancy and is equivalent to a year of degree program (diploma). The course ranges for 8-12 months and is a mix of finance and accounting courses which lets you assess possible options.

CPA – Certified Public Accountant is a 9-12 month course that has all the necessary accounting requirements which qualify to the level of a Bachelor’s degree. The accountants are licensed by the government which makes them eligible to sign tax returns and write audit reports.

There are many job opportunities available for accountants in all industries but some of these can be on entry level bases provided that they have a strong educational background.
  • Bookkeeping Clerk – They work on the support level and deal with financial and administrative staff. Their work mostly includes clerical responsibilities like recording data, receiving and assisting clients and vendors and ensuring all operations relate to finances and administration work well in the organization.
  • Accounting Assistant – In any organization an accounting assistant ensures that all financial operations such as employee reimbursement, invoices and expenses are all up to date and categorized. They are also responsible in creating expenses report and bookkeeping tasks.
  • Billing Clerk – A similar designation is the billing clerk who takes in account all the memos and invoices at hand. They need to submit claims and handle the finances of the employees and vendors of the firm.
  • Credit Analysis Major – As the name suggest, the job requires a person responsible for calculating the credit, evaluating worth and reviewing all the financial scores. This job is also related to bookkeeping and accounting in terms of further responsibilities but that depends largely on the type of industry he/she is working for.
  • Auditor – A junior auditor can be hired by external firms and companies to assess the firm’s finances and make their own suggestions in terms of their financial dealing and how the company is able to carry out accounting related operations.

Functional resumes are well-suited for accounting industry. These resumes highlight the abilities and the skills of the candidate and the experience gathered over the years. They can present elaborate details of your work history while focusing on the responsibilities and the tasks allotted to you during that time.

Contact Details: The structure of a functional resume includes basic contact information of the candidate. In this section extra details such as social media account handles are never welcomed. The simple and concise the information is the better and productive it seems.

Educational Summary: The education and qualifications are mentioned without the specific dates. One advantage of functional resume is that it focuses more on the skills and the employment background rather than the specific time intervals for each particular section. This can naturally fit into a accountant resume template like the above listed.

Skills: The skills and employment history is where you have all the necessary details and where the employer is most interested in. Skills needed for each job position are different, so you can create different versions of your resume. 4-5 relevant skills added can prove to be an excellent contribution to your resume. Take help from the job description and divide that up in sections if necessary.

Employment History: List down your work and jobs along with designations and tasks.

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An accounts professional must possess the following soft skills:

  • Professional with business and finance skills
  • Equipped with leadership qualities
  • Well versed in communication skills
  • Refined customer service skills
  • Expert in technological and technical studies

An excellent addition is to elaborate on the skills which you have. One word skills and basic vocabulary is not welcomed, be creative and relate the skills with your own job. Successful candidates often review the job descriptions to make sure that the skills required there are also parts of their resume. Your skills can also include the trainings or workshops which have given you expertise in certain services. A set of 4-5 skills is enough to present in your resume, because shorter content will be read rather than blocks of data or lists in your resume.

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Employers prefer resumes which extend up to a page or max two; it should focus on the skills and professions you have achieved and gained expertise in rather than long blocks of objective statements and detailed history of your educational backgrounds. Employers are more receptive towards the type of accounting resumes which are short, concise and of exceptional quality. No matter how many years of experience, course certifications and skills you have you need to create a resume that takes maximum two pages. This is why our resume builder is ideal for accountants.

It is always better to allocate sections and divide the page depending on the length of the resume. Your contact details should take 1/8th of the page; name and contact information should be at the top and in bold so it cannot be missed. Avoid adding unnecessary details. Add your job details and qualifications and make sure to only add the important and relevant sections. One common mistake which candidates make is to add the entire educational background, stick to the recent one and add related information such as final year project or major courses. If your resume is covering up the entire page with these two sections; employment and qualifications, then you can add skills, awards and accomplishments in the margin by dividing the page.

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