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Free Advertising Resume Templates

Advertising is a competitive field where trends and brands change and the creativity always takes a different direction. If you are looking for an advertising resume that helps to focus on your skills as an entry level candidate, managerial or an executive professional then this website will give you plenty of ideas to advance your career and receive amazing responses. Your resume will be tailored as per your experience and skills on pre-made resumes which you select. These advertising resumes are great for related professionals who are into brand marketing and product marketing. Take your pick and get a resume ready In no time.


A multi-faceted skill set and mentioning various types of tasks and duties is a good way to start the objective statement. Your objective is a short statement which is supposed to fulfill the responsibilities set as standards by the employers. Use concise but strong words to represent yourself and to show genuine interest in the job position.

An objective statement is the first impression which is drafted on your resume. This statement is supposed to relate to the employer in a number of ways. You need to mention your skills but do not out down of list of all the skills which you have. Pick the best 3-4 skills and use them in your summary.

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In the examples above the statements are kept short and are delivering the exact amount of information which is required by the client. Some candidates mention an entire paragraph on their qualifications and the skills or fill it up with jargons and unnecessary references which should be avoided in all cases.


Advertising industry is wide and can have lots of broader aspects. For each position you apply there should be a change in the objective statement. This will allow the employers to view you as a suitable candidate for all the applied jobs. Candidates often like to leave their options open and they apply for various designations at a single time. This will allow you to match your resume according to the job responsibilities mentioned for each position.

Bear in mind that adding false statements and altering set of skills which you are not aware of can’t be quiet risky and create a bad impression if you fail to provide prove or references of that services. Changing the resume can include changing the set of skills or including a more relevant job description. A resume objectives and skills for an advertising moderator and content creator will be different as compared to someone who is willing to work with branding and campaigns in the advertising industry.


There is a lot of information in a resume to process. Candidates can start by focusing on shortening the length of the resume to its effective level. A page or two of resume is the ideal length of resume. You don’t have to go into further details about how? When and where? Keeping the resume short and concise requires adding the information which is required and absolute.

Instead of elaborating on one skill – diversify and include a variety of skills. Using a general term is not considered right. Add depth and make them more relevant to your personality and resume.

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Do not neglect the basic competencies. If a candidate is working is a fresher they can add more skills and technical set of expertise to enhance the outlook of the advertising resume. Remember not to add to much information otherwise it will not appeal to the employer. Management, Sales and Advertising go hand in hand – include experiences of similar sort that highlights these skill sets.


A potential candidate adds communication, project management, creative, marketing and sales and Media related keywords in an advertising resume. Some examples are as under:


It is necessary to understand that all this cannot only be added into the skills or technical competencies of the resume. This will only bore the employer and he probably wouldn’t be going through all these. The ideal way is to incorporate 3-4 strong skills in the objective statement of the resume.

When writing the job description instead of writing, ‘handling customer queries and directly them towards possible solutions’, you can write ‘Responsible for customer support services and using innovative approaches to guide them towards possible solutions’. Adding formal language and carefully adding a keyword in there is a good alternate rather than creating a list of keywords in your skillset.


A four year degree program is quite necessary for a successful career in the advertising industry. A degree program provides students with an insightful approach on internship and project management which they are bound to work on. They are taught all the disciplines, history and background of everything which gives them the necessary knowledge and teaches them expert skills. Candidates pair their degree programs with latest certifications and courses to make them stand out and improve their career in the industry. According to a survey almost 82% of employers are marking a Bachelor (4 year program) as a mandatory requirement in the advertising resume.

Every discipline related to advertising requires a bachelor’s degree because they require communication skills and language skills at the same time. They need to be able to take the work pressure and meet the deadlines. All these secondary skills are taught at university level which prepares the students for their future job positions.