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Free Chemical Engineering Resume Templates

Are you a professional chemical engineer who is looking for better opportunities and excellent career scope for your future? If that is the case and you are not finding the perfect resume that enlists all your career shifts, education and the related experience you have gained along with the certifications and the voluntary responses which can make you an outstanding candidate, then you are at the right place. We have lots of pre-made job details and descriptions based resumes which you can edit and customize as per your choice. We are here to give you excellent and industry based resumes for all types and levels.


In order to keep a prospective employer informed about you, first make sure to include a section with some general information. This would include your name, contact information, and possibly a picture. Within the contact information, there should ideally be a backup number as well as the main one you use for business communication. There should definitely be an email address, though social media handles or IDs are generally not required. All this should summarily be included in the header at the beginning of the document.

One example of a header in a resume would be something like this:

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After making a header like this, you should make sure to have at least four proper sections. These would consist of your core qualifications, professional summary, education (preferably relevant), and an outline of any experience you’ve had to date.

The resume layout and chronology should be paid attention to. You don’t want to go all over the place regarding your expertise and the education relevant to your field of choice. It’s always better to be on the safe side, so make sure you have a reliable resume template for making a properly effective document. There are also several resume creators and free resume builders online that could help you out at absolutely no charge!

While you work on your chemical engineering resume, be sure to compare it with a sample online in order to confirm that every section is accounted for. Looking at a sample would also give your confidence and inspiration about what to include and how to write about certain things. This practice should also help you out with your formatting issues.


There is no one specific set of skills on should definitely have on their chemical engineering set. One should also not simply focus on one skill, but gather a few solid, useful skills together and present them as cleanly as possible.

Some very valuable skills would include your adeptness at healthy procedures, safety procedures, chemical engineering methods and processes, technologies, research, analysis, equipment, etc. All of them don’t have to be included. If you’re not too sure about some of these, don’t include them unless you’ve had proper experience and are comfortable in handling these responsibilities. These are hard skills, which mean they focus on what a person has learned that is directly relevant to their field and can be applied objectively.

There is a whole other kind of skills that prospective employers in the chemical engineering industry may be looking for. These are called soft skills, which are your personal strengths in getting a job done or managed. For instance, you could be a whiz at organizing schedules, problem solving, or handling personnel. These could serve to set you apart from the crowd of applicant sand make your resume unique. It may attract an employer enough to offer you the position they feel is most in need of your soft skills.

It is recommended that you keep the skills section brief and to the point. Also, only put down the skills you actually possess and are confident in applying within the practical, professional realm. Your topmost skills should ideally be in a list of six to eight within the section mean for core qualifications. There could be a couple of short examples in this list, but it’s better if your skills are illustrated in the experience and education sections of your résumé.

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If you look at most résumé samples regarding the chemical engineering industry, you’d notice that there isn’t really a section for the reference from precious employers. However, one definitely should provide some names and number where a prospective employer could reach those who can vouch for them. This would help them decide whether a job candidate is fit for the position both professionally and personally. They can thus eliminate any worries on account of your character, trustworthiness, as well as your work ethic plus capabilities.

However, such information is more likely to be offered upon the request of the potential employer. It is not required to be in each and every resume you hand in when hoping to find a job in the field of your choice.

A resume should reserve all its space for the absolutely necessary information. Having a separate section for references would only make the document longer when it’s not absolutely essential to do so.


Your prospective employers would have several resumes in front of them. Since this is a highly professional and even sensitive field of work, simply shifting around fonts and images isn’t going to cut it. You would have to work in making the actual content of each section outstanding in its own way.

Hence, if you feel like your education in this field isn’t up to par, consider taking some courses to supplement your knowledge. You could also take some part-time job or internship to make your experience section more impressive before you start looking for a full-time career in chemical engineering.


Your experience in chemical engineering could be the most valuable part of your resume in this field. This is especially true if you’re applying for a high-level job as opposed to an entry-level position.

In order to make an impression with your chemical engineering experience, start each line and point with an action verb. Your accomplishments and responsibilities should be listed specially and in clear terms.

Your choice of words would affect your resume’s ability to go through Automated Tracking Systems, which filter resumes before passing them on to hiring managers. If you use strong words in the correct places, you’d have a higher chance of getting an interview for your dream job. You can take a look at the resume sample below to get an idea of how to construct an experience section.

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