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Free Consulting Resume Templates

If you are a consultant belonging to any major field out there and decide to update your resume, you might feel lost and confused about what employers tend to look for in the ideal candidate. The answer is to get a customized resume where you don’t need such thoughts. We have pre-made designs which can be customized easily. Add your details and get the resume within a matter of minutes. We help you with the needed skills and possibilities about what you can and should add in your resume to get noticed with ease. Get your consulting resumes now and customize them as per your choice and requirements.


You may have participated in several extracurricular activities when in high school and college. Unfortunately, omitting to mention these on your consulting resume or CVs could be a grave mistake. Sure, generic resume templates online may not include such a section.

However, this is the section where you can make up for your lack of expertise. Remember a consulting career is a unique one in many ways, and perhaps one of the few where your extracurricular activities really come in handy after they help you get into college. So if you’re still studying and are considering a consulting career, don’t hold back on those volunteer programs and after-school clubs!

If you’re just starting out in the field of consulting, you wouldn’t have many professional achievements to showcase. This could be made up in part by an excellent extra-curricular section wit all your achievements and accomplishments to date.

One example of this could be being in an advisory position on the student council. You may have used your networking skills and charisma to foster a compromise between the students and the management several times. Don’t hesitate to mention this, as it proves you have the technical and soft skills that employers want.


A consulting resume and the career you want to pursue with it are highly unique. Any other kind of resume sample would show that you need to highlight mostly technical skills or at best a decent mixture of soft and hard skills.

However, a consulting resume should focus more on the soft skills you possess. You may have great aptitude in financial modeling and data reading, but that’s not what’s required here. You can mention such tangible abilities, but these wouldn’t get you through the ATS.

The keywords you want here are of skills like good communication, problem-solving, high charisma, client management, and so on.

A company like McKinsey, for example, would be looking for skills that are highly specific and relevant to consulting. They include leadership, entrepreneurial ability, personal effect, etc. You can talk about the details of these skills when making your resume template in different versions for different kinds of jobs.

However, do briefly mention the background of these skills within the résumé templates. For example, you can mention how you developed your leadership skills through leading societies in college or in your previous work experience.


There’s a lot of political correctness going on these days, which could be misleading if you’re just starting out in your consulting career. Hence, when firms list the abilities they want their consulting applicants to have, they’re not being entirely transparent.

Many firms would list that they’re looking for a sincere, passionate individual who is good at problem solving and has an innovative streak. These abilities and skills are all well and good, but they are quite vague.

However, what firms really want in order to ensure all this is your GPA, your grades, or even your proficiency in multiple languages. Putting in a big brand name wouldn’t hurt either. You may even want to take up an unpaid internship at a famous multinational for some months in order to gets its name on your resume.

However, you should read between the lines when it comes to consulting job descriptions. The GPA is where a consulting resume stands out a lot in relation to others. While many other career paths may not require you to list your GPA, make sure you do this in a consulting resume. You should actually include the cumulative GPA and also any class ranking you’ve achieved. The checklist below from a resume example should help summarize the above points:

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Humility and modesty are great qualities, to say the least. However, a consulting résumé is hardly the place for them. That’s right; when writing a consulting resume, make sure to proclaim your awesomeness loudly and clearly!

Consulting can be a highly competitive field, so everyone is showing off as much as possible. Don’t get left behind because you’re just as much of a super star as all the rest. Look up the best resume samples or refer to a résumé template builder, and make sure to use them in order to shine.

For instance, don’t just mention that you lead a volunteer team. Talk about how you led that team in providing consulting to a nonprofit charity that increased their funding by 30%. Add a link to any new article about this achievement if possible. In short, follow up every statement about your skills with some background on your achievements and accomplishments. List those awards, mention those certificates, and make sure everyone knows that you would be a gem for any company that hires you.


While consulting might not always be an in-house job, you should treat it as such when you’re working on your bio-data for this industry. You may be able to do away with a few details such as the companies you have provided your consulting services to. The names of these companies are probably part of your confidentiality clause. However, you can very well put in the work, nature, and scope of the companies along with mentioning how you’ve helped them out.

In short, you can represent your prior experience just like you would for a regular, salaried, and contractual job. What you should definitely not do is omit to mention a certain experience at all. This is nothing short of self-sabotage, since experience is what would enhance your consulting career and make you a more valuable candidate for any such job.

Hence, do cite your experiences and highlight any skills that have helped you accomplish your consulting gigs so far. Leadership skills are among the most important ones in such cases. If your resume is just an attempt to get a specific project as opposed to a regular job, you may want to expand upon your prior experience in some detail. Other than this factor, it’s recommended that you keep your resume format the same as for any industry. The action verbs below would help fill everything in:

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