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Free Facilities Services Resume Templates

Facilities services can cover a broad range of possible professions. If you are not able to score a single interview despite being richly talented and educated then it can be the fault of a poorly designed resume. The idea is to create a CV which will enlist all the possible aspects of your career and education while highlighting your career objectives and your skills. We here offer you the same. Instead of investing your time you can ready-made templates which require minor edits. This saves time and if you are related to facility services in any way you can view some professional drafts.


The main skills and talents you would outline in such a resume objective would be related to leading, monitoring, critical thinking, and decision making. You should hence highlight the main points you know about the particular position you’re applying to. When you prove your ability at such skills in your CV, along with education and work experience, a prospective employer would be easily persuaded to seriously consider you for the job.

The summary that is the resume objective should let your potential employers know that you’re capable of overseeing staff, maintaining upkeep, and preserving or maintaining any buildings/landscapes. For this, you may have to talk about your experience in electrical systems, construction, greenery, plumbing, etc. Refer to resume examples online to see how current employees of this field curate their skills and make them look attractive on their resume. Your goal is to use the resume samples to direct you to list relevant skills and not all skills that you possesses.

If you’ve had experience with a leadership position in your facilities services career, you may apply for employment in grocery stores, apartment complexes, business parks, hospitals, schools, colleges, and the like. Additionally, you should also showcase the soft skills you possess that have helped you manage facilities teams in the past.

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Mathematics, economics, or accounting aren’t usually subjects that a facilities manager or general employee is expected to be proficient in. However, an ability to work with numbers is definitely a plus in your average facilities services resume. This is because you would be expected to become familiar with the key metrics of any company you become a part of. In addition to this, you may also need financial insights in order to plan and stick to budgets, construct an efficient and logical financial plan, and calculate expenses accurately.

This doesn’t mean that you have to become highly qualified in mathematical and related subjects. You may not even have a degree in a relevant subject to this field. Still, there are always some short courses at community colleges that can help you in understanding advanced budgeting for businesses.

Numbers are all very well, but employers highly appreciate a worker who is able to analyze this data and make solid use of it. If you can prove you have such analytical skills and are committed to getting the best results possible, you may just have a fighting chance! To do that you can refer to resume templates which have predefined fields for you to edit and enter your numerical skills without missing out on your key experience and skills.


An academic background in law is not required for a facility services manager, let alone a regular worker. However, several laws and regulation do make a direct impact on your workplace and its related activities. Human resources, daily operations, market demand/supply, and expansion of a business could all be subject to certain statutes that take some legal knowledge to truly understand.

When a facilities service manager understands laws such as those under Health and Safety, they would also know how best to tackle with them. In this way, they could stand to save their company a lot of time, effort, and even money. You could hence highlight any legal knowledge you have in your resume, especially if it’s related to this field. For example if you browse resume samples you’ll notice that most resumes will highlight details and present legal knowledge such as OSHA regulations, E911, employment laws, personal injury guidelines, liability, etc. tactfully in line within the experience section.

Additionally, you may be considered a valuable candidate because of your familiarity with tort law, especially for the state you’re going to work in. Familiarity with emergency contacts according to your location is also necessary in case of any accident.


Technical skills are obviously going to be at the fore of any job in a facility services career. However, soft skills should make an appearance both in your resume objective as well as your CV. You may know a lot about the facilities services field, but you also need to know how to work your way around in the company itself.

For instance, being a facility services manager in a hospital would require some knowledge about healthcare. This would help you to visualize and thus achieve the hospital’s goals, aims, values, etc. This would require a whole other set of soft skills.

You may include soft skills that will help you out in different industries but do not include all. Some may require you to be easygoing and flexible, while other would require a sterner sense of discipline. There could be problems with the facilities every single day, so you have to use your decision-making skills to determine which one should be dealt with on priority. More soft skills could include:

  • Good reflexes in emergencies
  • Ability to motivate others
  • Understanding of IT
  • Maintaining sustainability
  • Networking and making connections
  • Ability to maintain effective communication
  • People skills

Just browse through resume templates online to for your desired niche to get a feel of what should be included in your facilities service resume and complement the industry you plan to enter.


You can become a Certified Facility Manager by earning some FM credentials. This is the basic certification if you want to become a professional employed within the field of facilities services. This standard lets potential employers and hiring managers know how much a candidate knows about managing positions and how competent they are likely to be in them.

There is also an IFMA certificate that can help with honing one’s competency using education, experience, and passing a certain exam. This exam would cover no less than 11 areas of competence and thoroughly school you in matter of faculty management. This program allows a facilities service employee to gain a lot of recognition and prestige as facility managers.

When you’re ready to sit for the required exam, you should submit a CFM application. You would then be mailed the contact details for Prometric, which provides the IFMA test. You should then be ready to take the test in around three months. Once you’ve passed the test and become a CFM, you may then mention this credential in your resume right after your name. In our resume template builder there is space for this type of prefix that you could easily enter by the click and edit option.