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Free Finance Resume Templates

Finance resumes may include finance managers, finance officers or clerks and managerial or executive leads too. It matters what kind of impression a resume marks that is why it is extremely necessary to create a balanced resume which your objectives and interests and all the information about what you can give to the hiring organization. Our resume profiles are created with great research and study. We make sure that all individual profiles include the relevant information about the technical skills and the highlights which can be of interest. Head over to our site and view what we have to offer to create outstanding resume profiles.


The education section of your finance resume may be important if your experience isn’t that vast. If you have a solid academic background in finance and are just starting out in your career, the education section is the part where you get to bask in all that glory. A look at finance resume examples online will vouch for this fact.

In short, don’t be afraid of coming across as boastful or high-and-mighty when you describe how you came to be top of your class in school, college, or university. Highlight the courses you have taken in college that pertain to finance or banking in any way. If you’re making this resume for a certain kind of job, highlight any part of your education that is relevant to it. When you use a resume template builder then these elements will be predefined. All you have to do is fill in the gaps with your personal achievement, and you’re good to go.

The most pertinent courses you should talk about are economics, mathematics, accounting, calculus, and anything related to these fields. You need to show prospective employers that you’ve been playing with numbers from the very beginning.

If you’ve studied in a well reputed educational institution, especially an Ivy League college, mentioning this is absolutely essential. Even if your organization of interest doesn’t choose its employees based on their alma mater, attending such a school would definitely get you on a priority list sooner rather than later.

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Many people think that working in a bank is the only future of a finance student, but this is not necessarily the case. When working on your finance résumé, you have to consider just where your area of interest lies. There is not one, but many skills honed in the pursuit of a financial degree, and banking is only one industry open to such an individual.

Check out resume samples from other finance executives to get an idea of the types of fields that are available and matching your skills. Just to give you an idea within the realm of banking, you have the opportunity to become part of customer services, a manager of processes, a financial advisor, a legal advisor, an accountant, and much more. Along with this, banking and other industries also offer the following careers to those with finance qualifications:

  • Human resources
  • Information Technology
  • Foreign Currency Management
  • Investment Management
  • Trading
  • Auditing
  • Supervision of Transactions
  • Preventing money laundering and other finance-related crimes

Your background in finance also opens up a career in insurance, which includes underwriting, insurance management, compliance, and legal consultation. You may also become an advisory for financial and investment guidance. All of this can be done within a bank, or with a non-banking organization.


It might be a bit difficult for someone with a non-finance academic background to work in this field. Such positions require knowledge of the usual terms and enough knowledge of the various processes to advise other people on it. However, if you’re truly interested in a finance career, there’s nothing stopping you from giving it a go.

A financial degree lets you have some experience with financial analysis, modeling, projection, etc. However, there are several more skills at hand that would launch almost any career quite successfully.

In short, companies are always on the lookout for hardworking, committed, and intelligent employees. If you can prove your adeptness at communication, time management, problem-solving, brainstorming, and several other important factors in the running of an organization, you may get a foot in the door.

In order to make a good impression with your resume, though, you’d have to get familiar with certain financial lingo. Use this when writing your resume objective and in various other strategic places on the document. Or you could refer to finance resume templates to pick out phrases or keywords from there to polish up your own objective statement.

You can also bolster your education section by taking some short courses in finance-related subjects. There’s no one to say that your first choice of degree would decide your career for the rest of your life. Plus, if you have the following degrees, you may find yourself already in high demand on Wall Street:

  • Physics
  • Mathematics
  • IT
  • Engineering

If you’re using a free resume template builder or just glancing through a readymade resume sample for finance, you would notice certain keywords popping up. The addition, not saturation, of these words or phrases is likely to catch the attention of even the lightest skimming of resumes.

The right keywords would also be sure to highlight both your education and experience in this particular sector of the economy. You can thus really impress potential employers and hiring managers with your knowledge of the right terms and the correct jargon.

Keywords also have a major part in enhancing your resume and making it seem like the best of the best. There would likely be a crowd of resumes coming in with your own, so you should really make use of all the keywords in their correct contexts. According to job listings and at least one online resume sample creator, the most effective keywords for a finance resume are apparent in the image below:

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Finance is a somewhat technical field, so you want to make sure that you match a specific set of skills. You may not have all of them, but the most basic ones should definitely be highlighted when constructing your resume. For instance, data analysis, modeling, projecting, and other forms of financial knowledge should be outlined in your resume objective. You may want to put these in a resume template generator, or create your own.

Apart from formal education, you should also see whether you’re required to pass certain exams in order to even qualify for a certain job. These exams may not be too easy to sit for and could even require an industry sponsor.

In general, you should also highlight your skills and expertise with Microsoft Excel, Math, and related programs/subjects. However, the best option here is to carefully read the description of each job you’re interested in applying for. This would give you the best idea of what you need to accomplish in order to be a suitable, even valuable, candidate for that coveted position.