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Free Financial Services Resume Templates

Financial Service resumes made through the resume builder will be an excellent, easy and reliable method to create efficient resumes. These services may include dealing with the finance department of any company, working at a bank or handling the accounts and finances of a firm; our site can deliver exceptional quality in no time. All you are required to do is to edit your details and contact information. These resumes are designed while keeping in mind the standard services employees need to comply with so you wouldn’t even need to change all the details which will save some major time.


Many may think of the financial services industries as ones that most require technical knowledge and related skills. However, soft skills have quite a major part to play in a financial services career too. When you view readymade resume templates in a resume builder, you should keep these in mind in order for your resume to stand out.

The sector for financial services is rapidly changing with the times. If you are to keep up, you need to have skills to deal with the problems, changes, and fluctuations this can cause within organizations. For instance, the introduction of new technology like block chain and crypto currencies are leading to a lot of generation gaps and related turnover. If you have the communication and PR skills to handle such issues, you could very well be seen as a most valuable addition to any company offering financial services.

With the last generation retiring and leaving leading positions open, leadership skills would also come in very handy. Within this realm, empathy and motivation also count for a lot. Additionally, when you’re creating a resume or using a resume template, you should also highlight the skills relating to adaptability, quick-learning, desire for new experiences, and flexibility in order to be considered a star candidate. More examples from financial services resumes are given below:

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Technical skills are the ones that applicants usually hone during academic career. Financial services traditionally require a certain amount of relevant mathematical or economics education. This shows prospective employers that you have taken the required courses and have the appropriate training for delivery good performance.

There are several university and college degrees available in finance or accounting. These include Certified Public Accountant or Certified Financial Planner courses. Employers looking to hire would be sure to take notice of such qualification, since they would reflect the required skills a candidate has received. These hard skills would include:

  • Financial Reporting: You need to know how to construct financial reports efficiently and effectively. This is required in order to work on budgets, audits, stocks, and data.
  • IT: Having skills in information technology would show employers that you can handle financial software and are adaptable to any technological advances in the future.
  • Management: Highlight how you’ve been able to lead and manage teams in the past. This skill could be very important to an employer who needs employees to be leaders within the workplace.

When you give examples of your past work experience, try to keep them short and engaging. Try starting each sentence with an action verb. Resume examples such as the one below would help to illustrate this factor

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If you’re interested in becoming a financial advisor to a company, you should prove that you have the ability to provide the correct kind of advice to their clients and other team members. The kind of advice you would be expected to dispense is related to investment, portfolio management, etc.

You may also want to highlight your communication skills and listening skills. Both are important when you’re a financial advisor as they need to understand what the problem is as well as convey the possible solutions. Using a resume sample creator, highlight your skills under the Skills or Summary section and make it noticeable for hiring managers.

If you’ve already had experience with this kind of job, mention your track record for giving advice on certain financial controls. If you’ve improved the return on investment for your previous company or clients, this is just what a prospective employer is looking for. Be sure not to leave out the experience section at any costs, otherwise your résumé would certainly become very weakened by this.

Check out some résumé examples and resumes samples to make sure you’re not leaving anything out.


The core competence section in a resume sample is where you show a potential hirer that you have a ready expertise in financial advisory services. You will highlight whatever talents, skills, and qualities you possess and have developed so far that could be relevant to the job you want now.

Hence, the most essential factor here is keywords. Make sure you use financial terms and those used in the job description. For instance, you may talk about how you’ve been able to conduct thorough financial research within a short period of time. Mention those years you spent in working with several financial services companies.

The job description may provide you some ideas of what to include in your core competency section such as financial strategy designing and implementation, communication skills, presentation proficiency, and even some experience in customer service. If you’ve had these experiences or have developed these skills, don’t hesitate to mention them within the core competence section. The best resume template builders provide resume examples online would definitely have this part of the resume for financial services.


While degrees and diplomas are good to include in a resume, you can add certain elements to enhance this document. If, for instance, you add some of your volunteer work and extracurricular activities, prospective employers would get quite a good impression.

If you’ve ever led a group during your academic or professional career, you may also want to mention the number of team members, the main goals achieved, and the results of your achievements. Also add the fact of your increasing corporate sponsorships, signing on new companies, and increasing sponsorship money.

Speaking of money; be sure to talk about proper numbers, dollars, cents, calculations, and round off estimates when possible. It’s important to show employers that you’re comfortable with numbers and are good at working with them. This would help enhance your standing in relation to all other prospective candidates and resumes.

Lastly, make sure to mention the name of the software and programs you are used to manipulating in order to reach your goals. Microsoft Excel is one good example that employers look for and need in order to make a hire.