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Free Health Care Resume Templates

Health care resumes can be designed at our site with a complete set of possible job descriptions and skills set which are necessary to any individual who is related to the field. Our resumes deliver effective results and prompt responses from employers and recruiting agencies. We make sure that we highlight the necessary requirements often described by employers to be clear and precise. Our resumes can be entry level or at managerial or executive positions depending on the industry. You can save ample time by editing the pre-made templates and the professional descriptions only, the rest is already made for your ease.


There is a myriad of career paths open to those who want to specialize in the health care industry. In fact, the jobs in this sector are only expected to grow in the decade 2012-2022. This growth is most expected in the following jobs/professions:

  • Personal care aides
  • Occupational therapy aides
  • Home health aides
  • Translators
  • Diagnostic medical sonographers
  • Interpreters
  • Orthotists and prosthetists
  • Occupational therapy assistants
  • Genetic counselors
  • Audiologists
  • Dental hygienists
  • Physical therapist aides
  • Physical therapist assistants
  • Nurses
  • Physician assistants
  • Health specialties teachers, postsecondary
  • Medical secretaries
  • Physical therapists
  • Nursing instructors and teachers, postsecondary
  • Therapists
  • Substance abuse and behavioral disorder counselors

Hence if you have a personal interest or work experience in any of the paths above, pursuing a career in health care is highly feasible. There is no lack of demand for health care professionals in many organizations. In fact, there may be a shortage of qualified workers who can fill the jobs. In order for you to get to land the job of your dream, make sure to use an attractive resume template from a free resume builder to create impressive looking resume to catch the attention of prospective employers.


The shortage of health care professionals could be attributed to a number of factors. These would vary according to your relevant area or level of expertise. However, the two main factors for this shortage are the Affordable Care Act as well as a dearth of properly trained experts.

Simply put, there are increasingly elderly people who are more and more in need of medical assistance. The grants and subsidies are simply not enough to pay a living wage to the health care professionals needed to fulfill that demand. Even if there were, the number of students in the health care profession is not enough to fill the gap between supply and demand.

There are thousands of health workers all set to retire in the very near future. Health students are simply not enough in number to replace them. Along with this, the profession of health care is an extremely demanding one, which causes many people to burn out and leave the field.

If you’re passionate about this industry, make sure to include your resilience and passion in your resume. You can touch upon it and give the details in your CV. The following is a healthcare résumé example:

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Even though the positions in the health care industry are demanding and low-paid at times, it does offer quite a high amount of job security. Since there’s a lack of workers there, everyone needs their services almost all the time.

Of course, if there was a recession, less people would be willing to seek medical help for minor issues. However, people would still be getting ill, giving birth, and requiring operations no matter what the state of the economy is. Hence, health care professionals would find themselves in demand until something very drastic happens.

In fact, the jobs within the health care industry are only predicted to rise in the coming years. The total employment within this sector is expected to rise by more than ten percent. This could also mean that the number of employees being laid off within this industry would also be very few. Again, it would take something very serious or a health care professional to be out of work.

With the right resume template and CV, you can get to a very prestigious position within the health care industry. Use a resume sample creator for the best quality of resume and to organize your CV as well.


Along with the required education level, a health care professional needs to have a wide variety of skills under their belt. These are a mixture of technical and soft skills, since the profession deals with people, machinery, and business just about every day.

Within soft skills, it is generally agreed that compassion, sympathy, empathy, effective communication, and intellectual curiosity are the top most appreciated skills within this field. If a nurse or aide cannot make patients feel at ease, they would not be doing their job properly no matter how much their patients may need them

The technical skills would include knowing how to set up an IV, inject some medication, take blood, and a number of other things that would be routine for a health care professional. You can take a look at a résumé template in order to get an idea of how to include all this.

As or your experience in such skills, you would have more than a few chances of showcasing them when on the job or through your references. You would also likely get training after you start working as well. That is why it is always prudent to mention any type of skill that you feel will likely attract employers in your resume by referring to online resume examples of those already in the field.


Some people may think that you have to be very highly educated in order to make it in the health care industry. However, since you could also opt to be a health aide or a nurse, your formal education doesn’t really matter all that much. You could even have had less than a full college run and still have several job options in the allied health sector, provided you have training and experience for it.

Take a look at health care resume samples online and you’ll probably get an idea that you’ll fit the bill, if you have the passion and not necessarily the degrees in healthcare education.

If you have the opportunity to work in the field of health care right after graduating high school, you can do so. If you find that your calling lies in health care, you can always go to college after some time getting in work experience. You may then be able to switch your frontline job for one in a higher ranking.

There are also several training opportunities for health care employees, which is why experience is such a strong factor in this career path. Not just training, but information about more career opportunities could also help you climb the career ladder simply by getting started in the field itself.