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Free Human Resource Resume Templates

Human Resource managers and officers deal with recruitment and hiring new professionals. They know the importance of designing an effective resume which will incorporate their job experience; the skills they have developed and learnt through the years and the education they have received to implement those skills. We offer you the best solution to design Human resource related CV’s in short time. Simply edit the details and customize the resume as per your liking. You can view the pre-made templates to see how your industry skills should be presented in the document.


When you apply for a career in the human resources, you’re basically signing up to be the matchmaker between companies and their employees. Within this area, you have the option to either work with one company as a salaried employee yourself, or match people with positions from several companies all over the city, country, or even the world.

With the huge strides in technology and the increase of remote working, global workforces etc. those interested in human resources have several ways of recruiting and screening applicants on many different levels. In fact, as an HR person, you may very well be a major part of job interviews as well.

Anyone in Human Resources would have to deal with the workers’ payroll, the paperwork for their benefits etc. They would also generally be a buffer or line of communication between management and general employees.

While the HR department of every company may set out with the same base of tasks, they may have some unique and varying requirements as well. This would depend on the atmosphere, policies, main goals, and general attitude of the workplace you’re serving at the moment.

If you’re planning a career in HR then it is best to identify your soft skills and mention those in a prominent manner in your resume. Browse around for human resource executive resume examples to get an idea of the skills in demand, and mention them in your resume.


A bachelor’s degree would really raise you up in a prospective employer’s eyes, even if it’s not technically in any field related to this one. However, what would really send you over the top is some good, decent work experience. If you’re just starting out, though, education may be all you have to show.

Be sure to fill your education section with all the relevant courses you’ve had in business so far. this could include accounting, professional writing, business studies, etc. In fact, you may even be able to make a few non-business courses be relevant, such as Human Development, Human Behavior, or Sociology.

If you don’t have an advanced degree, you just might be able to get an entry-level position in the field of human resources. You should, however, continue working on obtaining a higher education even when you have a job if you want to move up in the ranks. Experience and your job performance would count for a lot with your employers. Still, a higher education would make them less likely to hesitate in giving you a promotion.


The good news is that there are more and more people working in the human resources sector every year. This means more competition, but also a positive sign that the industry is expanding and more jobs being created.

The job responsibilities for HR generalists have stayed more or less the same through the decades. There is a growing demand for specialists and managers in human resources, though, which could mean a whole lot of jobs in the very near future.

It is hence recommended that you find your specialization within this industry and tailor your résumé accordingly. The best way is to use a resume template builders because they are tailored according to the human resource industry, and have predefined fields for you to fill your skillsets. The more specified your talents and skills are, the higher your offered salary could go. Additionally, you may also earn a more prestigious position.

For instance, you can earn double the amount as a Human Resources Manager than as a Human Resources Specialist. Managers have to connect with the most senior executives in order to create plans and strategies for labor and its needs. Start seeking out those job creators, because below are the projected number of jobs for HR managers:

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Your human resource resume objective should really stand out when you apply for a position in this industry. The job market is such that there are usually more applicants than vacancies, which is why so many qualified individuals take to their own HR business. However, if you do wish to apply to the HR department of a specific company, you would have to place some unique elements in your resume objective.

For this, a resume sample creator is recommended which would help you to easily customize your objective statement and specific to the human resource industry. Browse through resume templates to see the one that fits your profile, and start editing it.

At the entry-level phase of human resources, most of your work would be clerical in nature. It may also involve conducting training sessions and evaluating the activities of your employer company. You should hence include effective communication skills and some experience in that area if possible in resume template. Your resume objective should also include some confidence in your training skills along with an ambition to achieve goals as a team.

According to the nature of the work, you may also want to mention organizational skills, filing procedure knowledge and some compliance training. If you have any background in law, you may want to mention it due to the need for HR department to comply with legal and industrial guidelines. If you enter these skills into a resume sample generator or free resume templates, you may get something like the resume example below:

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The resume objective may not be extremely necessary. You may replace it with a career summary, but the unique factor still applies. These few lines are what a recruiter is going to read first-off and then decide whether to continue with the rest of the document or not. It’s placed right after a brief bio-data and could be the precursor to your whole CV.

The following tips would help you make your resume objective stand out and get the recruiter to take interest:

Specify Your Career Route

There are several positions that you can take under the umbrella of human resources. You can opt for organizational development or relations between labors. Hence you should let the potential employer know where you’re headed. If you’re on the same page as them, you stand a fighting chance!

High-Powered Phrases

Choose phrases that are strongly worded and compelling. For instance, instead of simply saying ‘worked on’, go for ‘Collaborated creatively and in a cost-effective manner’. Browse through resume samples online to see how others have done it, and use similar styles.

Customize According to the Job

Check out the job description and use the requirements get a sense of the company values. Make sure to target them in the resume you send to that company.