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Free Industrial Automation Resume Templates

Industrial Automation resumes are available on site and can guarantee effective results and outstanding exposure in terms of career growth and better opportunities. Our resumes follow a pattern where the objective intensifies the goals and aims of working with the organization while the career section and education section provides details about the tasks and work the employee had to work on during their career. The resume can be edited with a simple resume builder tool which allows you to view multiple templates and then select one that suits you the most as per industrial automation requirements.


Industrial automation is aimed at reducing human involvement in the industrial process which in turn reduces errors and risk, saves time and enhances productivity.

When applying for an entry-level job in the industrial automation industry, you should be ready to have basic responsibilities assigned to you. But more importantly you should be keen on getting a good resume template; there are several free resume guides, resume builder tools, etc. online that could serve as a means to help you with that impeccable document.

With a good resume sample, you should be able to showcase your certifications and proficiency level in modeling and designing, programming languages, and scripting. Any experience—internships, volunteer work, and class projects---should be mentioned and made to highlight your skills. Also, do not let your objectives lack sincerity or state your interest. The resume objective should reflect all this in summary yet in an interesting manner.


Most of the time, you may want to consider writing your resume in MS Word, as this is arguably the best format, mainly so that application tracking systems can run your document successfully; PDF often fails here. This is because many companies use applicant tracking system software to sort through resumes for specific keywords related to the job opening which saves the stress of having to go through thousands of resumes.

Except if you work in an industry where creativity and graphics are paramount, using a PDF format may mean that some essential elements of your resume will be missing. Otherwise, creating a document appropriate for ATS software should be your primary focus. This means that the document includes essential keywords, and has a format that tracking software won’t reject and ultimately matches the job description. In this instance, a resume template builder is ideal because you can get the best of both worlds.


An appropriate proficiency level of computer programming and software development may be necessary to work in the industrial automation industry. You may have all of the skills required for industrial automation, but if recruiting managers don’t see those skills on your resume quickly, you may as well not get the opportunity. Majorly, industrial automation borders on the software skills than mechanical or engineering skills because the involvement of human is drastically reduced to enhance productivity, safety, etc. so the hiring manager would be more than interested to see what you are capable of in that area. This means you have to put your best foot forward concisely showcasing your soft skills almost at the top of the document.

Specific software and automation applications development are some coveted skills that you may want to show off in brief bullets at the top, so recruiters and hiring professionals see those qualifications within a few seconds. Seek and few a few industrial automation resume templates to see how much should be disclosed and how long the section should be.

Within the responsibilities sections of each job listing, the applicant can delve further into the specific use of software and hardware, displaying these computer skills in action. Do a quick search online for resume examples or refer to a resume builder to check out how professionals elaborate on their skills and responsibilities.


In many IT fields today, the right licensing and certification can improve your employment options. Most of your certifications belong to a specific certification and licensing section. Whether you have computer or mechanical industrial automation engineering licensing and certification, be sure to mention them in a prominent section. In a resume template on our resume builder, you can include them in the certification and affiliation section.

To increase the possibility of hiring managers seeing those certifications, you may want to add one or more of those training and certification in the summary section of your document. Check resume examples online in the industrial automation field of professionals to see the type of licencsing coveted by hiring managers, and if you have them list them at the top.


Automation engineers are highly specialized professionals which is why their resumes should exude the same. Pick any resume sample from our database and you’ll notice that automation engineer resumes are straight forward, no fluff, and very simple in design. The main element that attract hiring managers are the content in the resume.

If you’re not sure how to curate your automation engineering resume, then select resume samples from online resume maker tools like ours and see how they are laid out. It’s not hard but the most important elements must be there so that hiring managers can pick up on your skills easily to match with their requirements.

Some of the major criteria that should be present in your automation engineering resume are - mention of professional experience chronological order; licensing and ceritfications; knowledge of manufacutring or engineering automation processes; and knowledge of new technologies if possible. This will demonstrate that you’re proactive in your career growth and able to meet innovation challenges in new technologies and software development.