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Free Mechanical Engineering Resume Templates

Proficient and ready-made Mechanical Engineering resumes with effective and descriptive professional details for employees which are guaranteed to land you with some amazing job opportunities. Our resume builder is an easy to use tool which allows you to make necessary changes as you edit the required changes. Users can easily change the details and different sections of the resumes. These templates are designed by keeping in view the standard tasks for any professional. Just enter the related detailed and get your resume available within some time. There are various options available and you can select the closet on to your level to figure out what tasks will work as per your specified criteria.


Resumes are ways of employment candidates expressing abilities, interests and skills in a page or two. It is understandable that a person cannot be defined in such a brief manner but that is what makes resumes different from biographies.

The resume should be precise and to the point. At the same time, it should also be engaging and interesting. All these factors should be present in order to make a good resume that gets a second look. If you’re the sort who writes long paragraphs of up to 5 pages then perhaps you might want to refer to online resume templates. As resume experts say, it shows the candidate is not able to express him or herself in a brief manner.

With a resume sample creator, you can always start with your bio-data and a precise section of your personal information to go with it. Switching to the skills, one needs to be specific according to the job he or she is interested in. After that, you can mention all your experiences in the past companies to show your capabilities. You can add bullets to briefly describe how your experiences were and what you achieved out of it. You can also add certifications in the end as they act as a proof of all your skill set

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Mechanical engineering is a field dedicated to different tools and machine work. You may have everything that your employer requires of you but if you do not possess any technical skills, you will not be considered suitable for this industry. Applicants interested in this field needs to have technical skills in order to take his or her work to perfection. But do you need to make a separate section for all your technical skills or not?

Of course, you do! Browse through mechanical engineering resume examples and you’ll notice that it is the most important element in a mechanical engineering resume and if you possess such skills, why wouldn’t you add them to your resume? You can make a separate section for the technical skills after the section of general skills. This way it will put your technical skills in focus and hone the attention of the employer.

When making a separate section for the technical skills, you can add in the programs that you specialize in. This may include different software or applications. After adding information about the programs you can continue with the tools that you have previously worked with or have experience in. This may include machining and welding tools.

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Adding technical skills is a great idea, but forgetting the soft skills that you possess – not such a good idea. Many people ask the importance of adding the soft skills in a resume. In order for them to fully understand how important it is to mention soft skills in your mechanical engineering resume, the candidates need to first understand the relation between soft skills and technical skills.

Soft skills and technical skills both are equally required when you are opting for a job in mechanical engineering industry. The employer will look for both these skills in you before selecting you for the position you are interested in. If a candidate possesses technical skills but no soft skills, he or she might greatly affect the ongoing work of an industry which can cause a great loss for the company. The same is expected of people who possess soft skills but lack technical ones.

What soft skills will get you more interview calls? Following are some of the soft skills which you can add to your resume to get more calls.

  • Team Management
  • Time Management
  • Self-Motivation
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Ability to Process under pressure
  • Decision making
  • Communication

It is however not necessary you put these soft skills word for word on your resume. Being a little creative will get you no harm. Check out resume samples or refer to a resume template builder to see how it’s done. Use brief bullet points to put forward your skill set. It would be great if you mention experiences with these soft skills in the experience section of your mechanical engineering resume.


In past times, people seeking for any type of jobs would normally start with a career objective that would briefly define the outline of what they are interested in, what a company should expect from them and what they desire out of a company. But as times changed, the need for different sections in resumes changed as well.

Take a look at online resume examples in our resume builder to get some ideas. You can start writing the summary of qualifications based on some of the following questions which you can easily answer. Start with mentioning how long have you functioned professionally in your subject matter or area of interest. The figures can be in the shape of months or years depending on your experience. You can then continue with telling the employer briefly about the degree(s) you have gotten in the specific field, the skill sets you to possess and/or the licenses/certifications you have.

It is also very important to note that the summary of qualification should be in the summarized form and not lengthy paragraphs. It is always best to provide bullet points for each question you have above. The candidate should briefly describe each question and explain it well in their respective sections later in the resume. Here is an example of a resume summary of qualification:

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Mechanical engineering is a field of physical exertion and so skills are important but to get the job, there has to be a minimum requirement of education which a candidate should achieve before applying for the desired position. With skills and experiences, mentioning education and achievements is also very crucial and important.

The minimum requirement of the candidate opting for a job in the mechanical engineering industry is a bachelor’s degree. However, it is solely on the candidate what field he or she pursues his/her career in. There are multiple options like Fluid Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Hydraulics, etc. The candidates in different fields are required to successfully complete their degrees in order to get a job in their respective fields of interest.

Just like how mechanical engineers have to think and process their next step, the candidate should also plan his or her resume accordingly. The layout and basics are the most important; also, keeping the resume engaging and interesting gets you extra points. If you do not have any experience in making resumes, you can take help from thousands of resume templates online that can make a great impression for you.