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Free Military Resume Templates

Military personnel can land some excellent opportunities by taking advantage of the army services which they provide. Using those skills they can great exceptional resumes which can make them the ideal candidates for any related job opening. These professionals require can adequate resume where there skills are highlighted and the achievements are focused on. We have just the thing for you – use our easy resume builder to create excellent resumes which have pre-defined job descriptions to help you. These require changes and are completely customizable with just a few clicks. The templates are pre-made so there is no need to adjust anything else. Just edit and create!


Having a military career and the experience that comes with it doesn’t limit you to just one path. There are actually several careers you can choose from, including the Air Force, the Navy, the Army, the Coast Guard, or the Marine Corps. You can even apply to work in any reserve sections of military branches. This last option may be best if you’re still relatively new in this field.

Jobs in the military field include several kinds of designations, responsibilities, and tasks. You could go into the military as part of the enlisted personnel. In such a case, you would be involved in combat operations or any other way in which you may be of benefit. This could include maintaining equipment, medical assistance, and more.

If you have the experience and a suitable record, you can apply to become an officer. This way, you would be managing the enlisted personnel under you. You would also be responsible for organizing, leading, and guiding the troops.

When you do have such experience under your belt, you may have to look at making CVs in addition to resumes. Some resume samples and resume templates may come in handy at this point, such as the one below:

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Education is important in all walks of life; however, a military career has different educational requirements. These basically depend on the level of military job you want to apply for and which branch of the military you want to be a part of. Again, you should seek out some military resume samples in order to gauge where your education section should be in both CVs and resumes.

However, the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) has made it clear that a high school diploma is the least qualification you need to apply for any career path within the military field. If you want to apply for an offer’s position, a high school degree of GED won’t suffice. You should have a bachelor’s degree at the very least. It would be even better if you got this degree with a major in something relevant to your desired military branch.

If you want to apply for a specialized job in the military, like medicine or law within this field, you would need a professional degree. As you would see in many resume samples, this is a highly preferred qualification for the job you want.


There are several resume templates for all kinds of positions in the military field. This should enable you to apply for the job you want. You shouldn’t hesitate in thinking that the military may not have a place for you even if you’re qualified. Military careers actually have quite a lot of opportunities for anyone who is interested in any branch of this service.

The BLS has reported how military opportunities are open for all kinds of resumes. However, we’re not too sure about the growth potential of these opportunities. Still, there are more than a hundred thousand recruits needed every single year to fill certain military positions.

This is not just due to the high need for qualified individuals in the field, but also to replace those who have retired or been lost in combat. It may not be easy to get into a military career or to maintain it, but the benefits are great and worth applying for. There is currently a lot of room in this field, so you can confidently hand in your resume just like you would for any other job in nonmilitary fields.


The salaries for military jobs are usually based on certain factors that may not have anything to do with the candidates themselves. These factors mostly focus on the rank of the officer hired or the time they have already spent in this field.

The starting salary for military personnel mostly begins at around fifteen hundred dollar and move upwards from there on. This salary is usually paid on a monthly basis. Certain job assignments, qualifications, or other factors could give you extra pay from time to time.

However, the salary isn’t the only compensation you would get in return for your part in the military. You would also qualify for a housing allowance or be provided accommodation on a military base in due course. What’s more, you would also have free health and medical care, free services at military hospitals. Your children and yourself may also qualify for assistance with educational costs like college and university.

These perks should be taken into consideration along with the expected salary when you’re building your military resume. Keep this in mind when you’re feeding data into your resume template builder online.


These days, many employers are making use of ATS, or Applicant Tracking Systems. These are automated filtering systems that sort out resumes and get them to the relevant employers. They look at things like resume summary, bio-data, experience, skills, etc. If a resume seems relevant and up to the mark, it gets through the system; otherwise, it gets rejected automatically.

Even if your resume is manually considered by human recruiters, you should make your resume stand out in some way in order to get it shortlisted. The first part of your résumé should be like a headline proclaiming your worthiness. This is where resume template really grab the attention of a prospective employer or recruiter.

Your bio-data, such as your complete name, number, and e-mail address should be easily visible in the header or footer of your document. If you have an existing military rank, include it only if it was a requirement listed in the job description. After the header should come your professional summary. Some resume examples like the one below should clear up any confusion regarding this aspect of your military resume:

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