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Free Non-profit Organization Resume Templates

Non-Profit Organizations have a broad scope which can relate to various job opportunities. If you are looking to design a resume for your job hunting or for record purposes then it gets tedious to design and add the relevant information, use the correct terminologies and figure out is actually required by the employer. We have all that sorted out! Our site has multiple CV templates which you can select and edit without the hassle of going through job descriptions and researching about the various CV standards and layouts. The entire job is done while you can simply select and have the perfect resume to impress your next employer.


When you are discussing the non-profit industry, or as sometimes referred to, the not-for-profit industry, there are a variety of civil sectors and private sectors. The idea behind such sector industries are that the corporation is established to help fund certain industries that would otherwise not be funded and would have no way to earn money.

There are strict governmental rules about establishing non-profit organizations and these rules extend to the maintenance and execution of the organization. Non-profit organizations are governed by a Board of Directors, charged with the daily monitoring and daily execution of the organization.

The actual industries of these organizations refer to the “sub-sectors” of the civil and private sectors which make up the non-profit organization industry. The sub-sectors of non-profit which make up the industry are:

Health Services Sector Educational Services Sector Social Services Sector Legal Services Sector
Civic Advocacy Sector Environmental Advocacy Sector International Relations Sector International Development Sector
Arts Sector Culture Sector

When preparing your resume for a career in one of these industries, it is advisable to seek assistance from resume templates, to verify which form of resume is best for, or most received by employers, in your industry.


In the United States and Canada, the most common non-profit careers would be in Legal Aid offices or with firms which have a “Pro-Bono” portent to the firm. In a “Pro-Bono” situation, the firm takes on the costs of the legal action and gives the recipient the best legal services they can. However, if the “Pro-Bono” action is a civil action, the firm may remove the “Pro-Bono” quotient and replace it with a “contingency” element.

The difference between “pro-bono” and “contingency” would be that the contingency quotient does not require the recipient to give the firm a legal “retainer” for their services, however, the firm takes a larger share of any monies gained with the action. If the suit is lost the firm does not get paid.

If you are looking for a true non-profit legal career, your main option is a Legal Assistance Clinic. In these clinics, clients are assessed to determine if they are able to afford their legal service or how much of the legal service they can afford.

A look at non-profit resume examples indicate this may be based on your educational background and any legal internships you have completed. If you were not a lawyer, other positions applied for might be:

Legal Assistant Legal Secretary Legal Intern

Health services and educational services are the No. 1 and No.2 sub-sectors in the non-profit organization industry. Health care services non-profit sub-sectors might include the entire hospital organization or just one small part of it. Educational services are also in the same category and can include an entire private school or just a student/parent association.

The most widely known non-profit organizations are charity related; children, health, wild animals, domestic animals are the most widely known areas of non-profit organization industries. Organizations like World Vision, Care, WWF (World Wildlife Federation), UNICEF, Doctors Without Borders, Smithsonian Institute, National Geographic Society, Humane Society, Goodwill Society, Habitat for Humanity, Best Friends Animal Society, AARP, Safe Kids World Wide and many others are associated in this working industry class.

With the help of a resume template builder, you can get a resume and edit relevant information so your resume could speak for you, to potential employers and not display any confusion you may have about the industry.


Because the Non-Profit Organization Industry can be an emotionally rich and equally stressing field of work, good employers will want to know that you have other ways of disbursing emotional stress. A resume template builder may be the best solution for you to provide an introduction to your potential employer, while showcasing that you have various ways of de-stressing your life. However, consider additions to this resume sample by adding a short PowerPoint presentation, or a video depicting different aspects of your relevant educational achievements and your relevant achievements in your employment history, along with depictions of your favourite pastimes.

Whether you are new to the workforce or have worked for 25 years, it is important to showcase your achievements and highlights of your life. Prospective employers want to see hobbies on your resume because they want to know that you have a life outside your work atmosphere. Hobbies allow you to release stress and embrace endorphins which in turn make your work life more productive.

Whether you enjoy sports activities of basketball or swimming or kayaking; creative activities like drawing or writing or carving or photography; or if you prefer just communing with Mother Nature – your hobbies are of equal importance to your employer as they are to you. For this reason, you will want to add a few of your favourite things to do outside of a work environment.


If you are new to the workforce and have a good education in business, with a strong emphasis in the not-for-profit work industry, you could use a resume creator to customize a non-profit resume template for many different sub-sectors in the industry. Keeping in mind the general rule of thumb is to tailor your resume to the job posting, a readymade resume sample could be your friend in this situation.

However, if you are looking to apply to organizations who have not posted career openings, you will have to go about building a resume that may satisfy different sub-sectors. A resume sample builder could be of assistance in this instance, because it may show you different types of resume samples with the information that you give it and it can format that into the resume that you will want to present to the different sub-sectors.

Building your resume in a fashion that makes you comfortable to present it to many employers is an essential property of a resume creator. With the different types of resumes available from a visual resume to an informative rich resume to an educational prominent resume, your resume should be as individual as you are.


As portrayed here, there are many different ways you can make your resume template unique to you. A resume creator can help you with this project, by showing you a wide variety of resume examples, with your own story pronounced in the resume itself. This information does not have to be boring, with the use of graphics and colour, and/or including a photo your resume reveals your personality to a potential employer.