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Free Real Estate Resume Templates

Real estate dealers and investors can all go through our complete of resumes in the Real Estate industry to create an exceptional resume that will highlight their verbal skills, marketing skills and the achievements and sales they have scored in the market. These resumes are for different job designations and therefore cater to their own specifications as well. Candidates can edit out the basic updates without having to change the entire content as these are designed in terms of the standard requirements set by the employers. The easy resume builder allows you to make the changes and have an exceptional resume in no time without any stress or added hassle.


Real estate professionals are noteworthy channels between sellers & buyers, tenants & landlords. Real estate professionals negotiate with everyone from first-time home or condo buyers to huge corporations purchasing million or multi-million-dollar commercial complexes. As a real estate broker, you will be in the company of many different people, and while you are a good negotiator, you will still need to intern with an established firm before you make it to become a broker.

Real estate agents would use a targeted resume format. The real estate industry has several sub-categories:

Residential Property Management Condominium Property Management Commercial Property Management
Housing Real Estate Sales Commercial Real Estate Sales Land Real Estate Sales
Seller’s Agent Buyer’s Agent Real Estate Appraiser Valuer
Auctioneer Estate Sales Farm Sales and Purchases

With a targeted resume an agent can rely on their performance to introduce them to a potential employer. Agents would not use an ‘Objective’ on their resume; they would use a Professional Profile. Using a Professional Profile in place of a career objective is a smart way to present a reason for a potential employer, why they want to invest their time into examining your entire resume. More so, they will want to bring you in for an interview if the numbers are impressive in the Professional Profile.

  • How long have you had your license?
  • How much was the increase for the Broker?
  • How much have you helped increase the selling price of the property?
  • How long between closings?
  • How many properties did you close last year?
  • How much have you increased the firm’s revenue last year?

Your new broker will want to see these stats in your professional profile, and they will expect you to be able to discuss those numbers in an interview.

Online resume examples can demonstrate and help you implement the change from an ‘objective’ to a ‘professional profile.’ Remember, with a professional profile; it is all about the numbers!


Including ‘power words’ in your new resume and on your original cover letter will certainly help the look of your resume but remember:

“In this industry, it is all about the money, the customer service and the money $$$.”

Power words in the real estate industry are:


Using these power words in your Professional Profile in your resume is a great idea. However, with the placement of the words in the theme of your resume, you might want to add this data to a resume template builder so that the program can help you with the flow of your resume.

Remember, when you remove the objective in your resume, you want to replace it with the most powerful statement you can have for your ‘Professional Profile.’ This area is the part that either draws the potential employer in so that they read your entire resume and offer you a face to face interview; or will not capture the potential employer’s attention at all, and you will not get that interview that you need.


Alright then, as suspected, it appears you are working from a resume sample. It is possible that your resume is missing some valuable information. Many people omit vital information when they compose their resume. You have the option to work with a resume creator to produce the most complete and compelling resume possible. Your industry can work with either Resume or CV. Although the real estate industry can choose either, many real estate associates, property and facility managers and associates opt to use a resume. Along with this choice, they take advantage of technology and employ a resume production program or online resume service.

A resume template makes the most sense for professionals to use, as it offers the most comprehensive resume completion options available today. Formatting your resume from five routine formats, real estate agents can choose from:

  • Functional resumes
  • Reverse-Chronological Resumes
  • Combination resumes
  • Targeted resumes
  • CV - Curriculum Vitae

A significant factor in the real estate industry; is replacing the ‘objective’ portion of your resume, with a ‘professional profile,’ within the same space as the ‘objective.’

As a real estate professional, the recommended format is a resume ‘targeted’ to your profession. Your potential employer pool will know what kind of career position you are after. You would not be referring to them without that knowledge. With regards to the style, you compose your resume; a recommendation is to confirm your most relevant accomplishments in your professional profile.

You should choose the suitable style and theme (colours & fonts) for your resume; those are the next hurdles to overcome. Trends for 2018 include serif fonts such as Goudy Old Style and other similar fonts with tails. Sans serif fonts should still be considered such as Calibri. A resume creator will suggest these options to you when you take part in the process of creating your resume online.


Your career is a key position in the industry. Your resume should reflect that. A resume sample could be just what you need for your corporate and industry websites. The best way for clientele to find and use your services is to use an online resume builder to sort your information and present it in a readymade resume. When you choose the style that appeals to you, the resume template builder will host it on the screen for you to critique.

Once the resume has been finalized by the resume template builder, you can use the information to populate both type of websites. As the RE zoning manager, you do not want all of your personal information on your resume posted online. For this reason, you may need to make a final adjustment when the program has populated the resume.

Your employer will benefit from your professionally constructed resume example. Once your employer peruses your resume, they may even task you with the job of developing your colleague’s online presence in the same fashion. Many times, once one person in the company has established the benchmark for information such as a resume sample, an employer will order the rest of the company to meet the benchmark, so everyone is displaying the same information. For you, you win both worlds – securing your job as well as gain positive impression from clients.


As part of your small business background, information found in your resume or CV becomes a great tool for you to assist your website designer in curating your website. Your ‘About’ page or ‘Corporate Background’ page are significant pieces on any website. When a designer has the information contained in your resume, they are equipped to complete your website with the proper information. Access to this information guarantees that your clients, both current and future, can contact you when they need your services.

Your best course of action is to get a resume builder online and access their resume templates. When you choose to use a resume creator, you are in-fact, making a positive business choice for your new company. Because of the length and composition of your profile, a resume creator will take away the possibility of poor grammar and spelling. Your sentence structure will have a confident and clean look. Answering questions for the resume creator will enable you to remember achievements you may have previously forgotten. The completed resume can be viewed in many different resume themes and you can choose your favourite without having to make the changes manually to find the right style and theme for your business.