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Free Sales Resume Templates

Sales departments are in every organization and firm where the employees need to steadfast and diligent with their duties. It is not easy to be a part of the sales team and meeting with deadlines, clients and other administrative and on-field duties. A resume plays a strong role in this regard as it highlights and states what your experience has been and what you are capable of in the field. Our resumes are packed with details and explain all the aspects of your career and education. It defines what your goals and objectives are and how willing you are to work with the employer. Simply browse through the available options and select one, make the needed changes and your ideal resume is ready.


Trends are currently within the vision of people; they do not necessarily mean that is your automatic go-to field. Be sure you want to be in a business who caters to other business needs, let alone that you want to be in the building materials retail industry.

With the homework done, getting down to basics of a resume should be an easy task for you. You are already prepared to tackle the choices you have with regards to formatting your resume. There are debates as to how many different kinds of formats there are available for your resume.

  • Reverse-Chronological – Most common resume format used today. This resume format lists your experience and your education in reverse chronological (by date) order.
  • Chronological – This resume format is similar to the above, however, education and experiences are listed from the start of your career to the present, by date. This format would not likely be used by a seasoned professional because it would create a lengthy resume and most likely disregarded by recruiters and potential employees.
  • Functional - This resume format centers either on your education as a primary focus or on your education as the primary focus. If you are newly in the work force and have little to no experience, this type of resume is perfect for you. Similarly, if you do not have a higher education, but have a long experience track, you would use this type of resume.
  • Targeted – This resume is most used by people looking for specific career tracks. A Graphic Designer, for instance would use this type of resume. Incorporated into this resume would be an original graphic design as an introduction for the employer.
  • CV – This resume is most used by skilled professionals. {Doctors, lawyers, dentists, pharmacists, architects, etc}

Once you have made your decision of your formatting, you can compose your resume and cover letter using resume templates. A resume sample creator could save you the time and energy of researching the different formats and could have shown you some attractive options.


There are many training positions available in almost every sales-generated business. Almost every company that has a great product(s) needs a Corporate Trainer to teach the corporate standards to new sales employees and sometimes to all new employees in general. This gives employees a sense of community and is a great team building program.

Your target employer will be looking for your communication abilities and to see if you are nervous when you meet them, but first you need a resume that will grab the potential employer’s attention and earn you the interview. A resume builder could be a great help to you here, by not only saving your time, but also by showing you different resume examples which may prove to be the edge you need to surpass your competition.

There are many options to guide your resume creation adventure. Once you have finished and have a polished resume in your favourite style, you can start with the creation of your covering letter. Your cover letter should start with an acknowledgement of the career position you are seeking and why you are seeking it. This is where many people add the goals they are hoping to accomplish if they were awarded the position.

Once you have your career position and goal defined; you can tell the reader a story of why you are the perfect person for this position. You want your achievements defined without being overly wordy. Your cover letter is not a reflection of your resume. Instead, your resume is the reason why you are writing a cover letter. You want your cover letter to be a positive article about your qualifications. Be sure to finish by thanking the reader for the opportunity and their time. Give them options to reach out to you, phone and email, yes, but also a link to your professional online presence.


Sales professionals are social people, for the most part. They meet new people as part of their profession, so this industry is not a hard industry to get yourself into. As a new graduate, without any experience you will most likely want a ‘functional resume’ template, to showcase the knowledge, you have gained from your business education.

A resume creator can help you with establishing your basis for your resume, and when it is created, your resume will be able to target your desired professionals by showcasing your education and any achievements you have acquired along the way.

One thing to consider is your placement within the sales industry. What role do you see yourself best suited for?

Once you have decided on a role you wish to be transitioned into, you can better target the sales industry professionals in your desired location. Now is the time to define your desired role and write a captivating cover letter to introduce yourself to your future employer.

A cover letter is the individualized letter you would send to a potential employer when you reply to a career posting and are seeking employment. As a sales professional, you want to be ‘seen’ in the sales community and your resume is the opportunity to do just that. Therefore, when composing your cover letter, you want to be sure that you speak to the job you are applying for.


A travelling sales position is an exciting way to make a living. However, there are challenging aspects to every career, and with much travel, comes its own trials. Your resume style could be formatted as a functional resume and styled so that it can highlight your many years of experience.

Readymade resume templates could be of service if you want to see different styles and make a decision on which one suit your proposed employment quest. When you are designing your resume, you should have it tailored to the position you are applying for, because potential employers do not want to sort through a ‘fluff piece’ in order to find an appropriate candidate.

The resume sample creator you use can also help you to sort through your relevant work experience and help to par-down your resume, which may help to secure the position you are applying for. With many years in the sales industry, you may have a great deal of experience with many employers. Most employers in the industry appreciate knowing the past three employers or the past five to ten years. Any more information is not required unless it has a direct correlation to the position in question.


There is no law that says you need to tell a future employer about a past employer. Employers appreciate honesty and if you harbor honesty with your possible future employer, they may appreciate that in you and return the favor. There is no need to go through the events in a play-by-play in an interview, but it is good that you advise your potential new employer that they may not be able to contact your previous employer.

The situation with your previous employer, would only be mentioned to a potential employer during a face to face interview and not an issue that you would mention in a resume. If you are in need of working time on your resume, then it is your choice to either use the employer information or not. If your last employment was in the industry you are applying for you may need to account for the experience.

Contrary to belief, almost every seasoned employee has been let go from a position they have held, at some point in their working career. Most people in that situation are mildly embarrassed about the issue, however, when you are looking for a new position after losing a previous one, you should accept the fact and move on. The main recourse is to move forward with your career.