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Free Security Resume Templates

Security forces and officers need to present themselves and their skills in the most efficient form. There are several tests and programs which they need to pass through in order to make it to the list of chosen candidates. However, a resume plays a vital role in all this. We help candidates design the most efficient resumes which their technical skills, past experiences and the educational background they have had. All this is written down in an internationally accepted resume format that describes and summarizes your career. Visit our site and view the existing pre-made resumes, you can edit the needed changes and the resume is yours!


There are many different career options to consider when you are preparing for a career in security. Once you have decided on your career choice, resume templates would be a great help to customize your resume to the position you are applying for. One consideration is that your photo becomes a focal point for your resume, if you are applying for a physical enhanced job like a Police Officer or Fire Fighter, etc.

Whether you choose to enter the civil sector or the private sector; there are many opportunities in the Security industry:

Police Officer Corrections Officer Fire Fighter
Security Officer Security Manager Security Architect
Information Security Officer Web Penetration Tester System Network Tester
Network Security Engineer Cyber Crime Investigator Informations Security Analysist
Network Security Administrator Arson Investigator Legal Investigator

For each of these career paths, there may be a common resume format you could use. In the same respect, different examples of resume are advisable for a civil sector employee as compared to a private sector employee.

Because a career in the security industry is a regulated field, you should be prepared to submit license inspection, in-depth background checks and, in some cases, physical endurance testing.


Depending on your market, salaries can range greatly. There is also the difference in the market from the aspect of the United States and Canada. In depth information can be found for each market sector via many avenues; a governmental website can give you everything from a local salary range to a national salary range, average and median. There are several websites that cater to information on every salary range for every industry. Hard copies can still be found in public libraries as well for your research. Your local Member of Parliament or Member of Congress’ offices can also be of assistance when it comes to looking for salary information for certain sectors of industry.

There is much debate on whether to include salary expectations on your cover letter. Most employers would rather have the candidate state their salary expectations for the position they are applying for.

Contrary to this, the majority of candidates think that by stating the salary expectation they may over price themselves out of the career running, or similarly they may underprice themselves and “leave money on the bargaining table”. As an industry standard, salary should be based on your achievements and qualifications, as compared to others in your field, and only when asked to provide a salary expectation, should you state your expectations regarding salary. When stating those salary expectations, you should research the industry standards and state a salary range you are comfortable providing.


As a Cyber Crime Investigator, your resume is your introduction to your potential new employers. There are many resume templates to choose from when you are considering your options. Our online resume builder can help by showing you ready-made resume samples of your choice in a digital format, so when you submit your resume, you have a greater chance over your competitors for the position.

The general rule of thumb is to consider the bulk of the career you are looking into. If the career you are considering is a primarily physical one, your resume should reflect your physical achievements after stating your objective.

If your field of choice is more of an office position where your knowledge is the forefront of your career, your resume should reflect your theoretical or practical understanding achievements after you state your objective.

For a career in Cyber Crime Investigation, you will need to show a potential employer that you have optimum computer and internet skills. Potential employers will want to know that you have above-average investigative skills and intuitive skills. You may want to build on your accomplishments by offering a potential employer information of some investigations you have completed in the Cyber Crime field. Or at a minimum, you will want to showcase other investigations you have completed in other areas, if you cannot provide any in the Cyber Crime industry.


A cover letter is a very important document. Sometimes a prospective employer will dismiss a resume if a candidate has not attached a cover letter. Most online resume sample sites or programs, will help you complete a resume complete with a cover letter.

For a career as a Cyber Crime Investigator, your cover letter is your key to engaging your reader in the ways “you can assist the company” and why.

Your cover letter should consist of not only how and why you can assist the company (your achievements are brought to light here), but it should also consist of your values (how you interact with the world around you) your morals and ethics and why they are important to you. In any security industry, values, morals and ethics are important to you and to the industry. Your highlight of these in your cover letter could mean the difference of obtaining the job posting or getting passed over because these items are not prevalent to the potential employer.


One thing that is optimal about a resume template builder, is the fact that it is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) and can help you avoid resume mistakes all together. Many mistakes are made by candidates when looking for a career position. Sloppiness – spelling or grammar mistakes can ruin your chances with certain potential employers.One thing that is optimal about a resume template builder, is the fact that it is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) and can help you avoid resume mistakes all together. Many mistakes are made by candidates when looking for a career position. Sloppiness – spelling or grammar mistakes can ruin your chances with certain potential employers.

Studies show that many resumes are filed in the recycling bin if there are careless spelling and grammar mistakes. Most believe that these trivialities should have been eliminated by your writing program whether it is an online document writing program or a program in the comfort of your own home, if you have not used spell check or grammar checking elements of your writing program, then your resume can be eliminated immediately.

Another common mistake happens when you are completing a career blitz. If you have not addressed the right resume and cover letter to the right employer, your resume can get immediately kicked. Generic resumes are also an issue for potential employers. If you have made hundreds of “cookie-cutter” resumes or cover letters and just readdressed to employers as needed, you can injure your chances of being rewarded with the career position.

Not targeting the job you are applying for directly, could be the difference between going home and going to work.