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Free Software Engineering Resume Templates

Software Engineers require lots of training, certifications and in-depth knowledge about programs and software. They are experts in their own field but they require a resume to write down all what they know and the applications they have worked on. A resume has a huge impact on software engineers as it sums up the entire work history and educational background in one document. Our resume builder is an easy tool that edits the needed changes and has high quality and professional resume templates for engineers of all levels. Scroll through our software engineering industry to view all the pre-made job descriptions.


It is very important to tailor your resume for the position you are applying. If you are not sure what is acceptable, perhaps resume templates are best to help define your options.

As a general rule of thumb, potential employers like you to stick to the facts. Give the information relevant to the position you are applying for.

Contrary to popular belief, potential employers prefer full sentence structure and not bullet points. However, editorializing your resume is not what potential employers are looking for either. Your goal should be a happy medium of the two. State your education (for example) without editorializing what your “5th grade teacher saw in you and helped you on your path” that led you where you are today.

It is always advisable to state your accomplishments and not your duties and requirements. Duties and requirements indicate what you were ordered to do, accomplishments indicate what you are able to do and have done.

Potential employers are looking for candidates who can “wow them” with abilities and accomplishments and proper education for the position, they are not looking for elements that do not pertain to the position available, unless those elements happen to be important awards for recognition of a task or work ethic, etc.

If you are applying for a Software Engineer, for Google (for example) and as a student you won a science award for developing a new application these are the highlights you want to emphasize. However, if the award you won was for the best volcano, this may not be what you want to highlight because it does not reflect the position available.


Considering a career as a computer software engineer, potential employees should check out how their resume is structured, and to do this it is advisable to consult online resume samples to have your resume tailored for a potential employers.

Ideally, Computer Software Engineers must have an aptitude for computer sciences, mathematical backgrounds and a desire to enter the engineering field. Computer Software Engineer applicants should have a flare for design elements, developing software, testing software and evaluating the performance from the end user standpoint. Along with these aptitudes, a desire to learn computer software systems are important if you are to advance in this area. For design and build elements, computer software engineers should have a high degree of creativity, excellent problem solving and analytical skills, as well as an aptitude to work with abstract concepts.

When researching the background of Computer Software Engineering career, an aspiring student should be ready to develop, test, and evaluate as an end user; many different kinds of software. Security software, business applications, gaming applications, databases, network control systems, operating systems, computer upkeep systems along with intranet and internet system set-ups. Computer Software Engineers may also assemble computer hardware to meet clients’ needs.

Software engineers should be well versed in many different computer programming languages and be prepared to be tested for these in the process of gaining a career placement with a prospective employer.

Computer software engineers are required to have a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree. However, it is more likely that prospective employers would prefer a candidate with a Master’s Degree as a Master of Science in Computer Science.

Your resume may be of great importance to you, as a student of Computer Sciences major. Your resume may help you acquire an internship while you are still in the educational system.

Potential employers in this field are interested in candidates who have some structured experience in the field, before they enter the employment sector.

Computer Software Engineers must have excellent communication skills as they must interact with manufacturing operations personnel, industrial designers, hardware engineers, and end users to develop software products. For these reason; communication is possibly one of the most important “soft skills” a software engineer can possess.

The following chart may help your follow-up research into the educational requirements for a Computer Software Engineer:

Education Level

Bachelor's degree; some employers may prefer a Master's degree

Educational Field

Computer science, software engineering, or related field


Aptitude for computer sciences, a flare for design elements, developing software, testing software and evaluating the performance from the end user standpoint, analytical, problem-solving, strong mathematical aptitude, teamwork and communication skills as well as creativity and attention to detail, familiarity with database management, development environment, program testing, and other related software.

Keeping in mind these skills, you may be wise to add as many as possible to your resume to help you to obtain an internship and thus acquire some real-world experience which will help you to land the perfect career with your perfect employer, when your education is complete.


A readymade resume template could come in the form of a resume letter for your field. However it is best to use a resume letter only if you have little to no experience in the field of work you are applying for.

A resume letter is similar to a cover letter with the exception that it highlights the experience and/or education that you have in the field in which you are applying. This kind of resume is appropriate for someone who is fresh out of school and has not had an internship or any related or relevant experience in the field in which the candidate is applying.

It is advisable to make your resume letter as to the point as possible while making it stand on the merits, so a potential employer is able to identify it as a strong contender for the position. Check out resume examples to find out how to compose to one and impress your potential employers.


Working your resume from the point of specific experience and/or education that is directly related to the position you are applying for is, perhaps the best way to shave down a cumbersome resume.

A resume sample creator can help you to add relevant information to your resume and cover letter, so you may be more marketable as a potential employee.

Possibly, your resume is currently filled with all your experience and education or continued education. Work history not pertaining to your ability to execute the duties of the job for which you are applying, may not be applicable to your resume.

Education from 20 years ago, unless it directly correlates with the job posting you are looking to obtain, may not be the best way to win the career position.

If you are looking for a position that may require long-term tenure, and you have no current experience in the field you are applying to, possibly a long-term previous work placement would be a more direct correlation than your past 3 years of miscellaneous employment.

Again, the goal is to create a resume that stands out against your competition and draws the attention of the potential employer, and you can use online resume template builder to get the job done.


If you were to use a resume template builder, the AI behind it could help you capitalize on the big name of Amazon. You would want this “accomplishment”, including the projects you completed at Amazon to be highlighted in such a fashion that potential employers see the prestige of the position you were holding at Amazon.

Be prepared for an interview that discusses your future plans and goals, while you tell your glamorous experiences at Amazon. However, be careful that you do not break any proprietary information clauses that were most likely in your non-disclosure contract with Amazon.

Unless you are planning a life-long career with Amazon or any other well-known names in the computer software industry, it is advisable to complete an internship of no more than one or two years. Once you have earned a few milestones with one of these companies, it is advisable to move on to your next career adventure because of the plateau you might reach and stay with Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, Google or any of the other big names in the computer science and software engineering industry.

Your long-term career goals may best be achieved in this industry by changing your operating company when you start to feel that things are becoming less interesting and/or you have not had any “a-ha moments” in a while. New career opportunities may enhance your imagination where you may have continued “accomplishments” and fewer “let-downs” in software viability.