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Free Training And Coaching Resume Templates

Training and Coaching is a wide area of expertise. There can be many possible openings and jobs which may be related to this industry however you might not be getting into any of these firms because of a poorly designed resume. A resume isn’t a piece of text which displays information in terms of your career, it has to make an impact and leave an impression on the employer. We do just that! Our proficiently designed resumes can provide you with amazing opportunities because we carefully analyze and create the pre-made descriptions according to specific jobs in the training and coaching industry.


Leadership coaching and corporate training are professions that helps clients achieve improvements in both personal and professional performances. Coaches and trainers work with individuals ranging from senior managers to students to help them advance their career and accomplish their professional goals. Some key responsibilities of this job are helping people discover their career goals, consulting with clients, networking with customers, offering advice on interview performances, organizing workshops, and generally unlocking the potential within.

With these things considered, there are many formatting options available in a resume builder or suitable resume templates which can help you lay out your skills perfectly. Teamwork and communication skills are two areas which you should attempt to highlight from the outset. Crafting an easily readable resume which is not overly self-promotional will assist you in this regard.

Leadership is another key skill which you should highlight. An objective personal statement, concisely highlighting your career goals and achievements would be well placed to fulfil this. You can use resume examples for trainers and coaches from our database to see how you can effectively compose yours.


Primarily, a university level qualification in business, psychology or even sports coaching can be a fantastic asset to begin a career as a corporate trainer. In many cases, several years’ management experience within a top-level company is also a huge asset when moving into the world of corporate training. This experience allows you as a candidate to have an inner perspective on the workings of an industry.

Some great certification courses are CPCC Career Coach Certification, Senior Professional Career Coach Certification (The Career Coach Accelerator), Job and Career Development Coach (Career Development Network). These offer an excellent addition to your academic background and professional experience and can easily be added in many styles within a resume. Or you could find the one which best meets your needs from tons of our trainer resume samples.


Career coaching and training is a very competitive field that requires extremely impressive resumes to catch the attention of the HR. Your specialty, experience and education will be the determining factor to know if you are ready for this career. Just Google a few resume examples, and you’ll get a fair idea of the most common skills and qualifications required.

For a really great resume, you will need an executive summary, finished with quantifiable achievements and core competencies; details like how you increased the efficiency of your previous companies, cost reductions, etc. It should highlight various points like enthusiasm, optimism, focus, ethics, confidence, networks, etc.

From our varied resume templates you’ll notice that an ideal academic counseling resume should possess a combination of styles. If you have a long list of highlights, it would be wise to organize relevant skills in several smaller sub-sections in a descending order; this way, you will be able to maintain the consistency and the most relevant skill will appear on the top. Your resume should be designed in such a way that you can bring your critical traits and skills to the forefront.

Furthermore, particularly with an academic counseling role, you will often need to possess an extensive background in education. This may also mean a requirement for being a teacher certification or experience of the same.

Using a resume builder will provide you with a vast choice of resume templates, these will allow you to choose a format where your professional certifications as well as academic achievements are both easily noted.


References are a key point for many job applications. It is that fine line that may differentiate between you landing the job or never getting a call back. It is very important for you to think about who will be answering questions about you that HR may. Hence, you need to carefully think who you are stating as your references.

You can start by identifying the top three to six people with whom you can talk about personal and professional attributes knowledgably. Often, people with senior positions carry more credibility. You need to make sure your references are positive. Ensure to send an email or a letter to thank them for being your required references. In the same correspondence, include a copy of your resume, description of the job you are applying for. You should also let them know that they might receive a reference call.

If you are submitting references together with your application, these can be attached to your resume or inserted using the relevant example chosen from a resume builder. Either way, you should also ensure to provide further contact information for the person who provided the reference.


In the field of teacher training, the primary degree you possess should be related to education. This is an essential pre-requisite in many cases when working with teachers. A secondary degree or professional certifications in leadership training, psychology or even management can also be extraordinarily helpful in giving you a unique perspective and approach in training.

A master’s degree in similar areas will be hugely advantageous to your application when becoming a teacher trainer. This is becoming ever more important to gain credibility within the industry from an academic standpoint.

Highlighting your academic achievement and demonstrating practical success will be very important in this instance. This is something to keep in mind when choosing your resume sample and a good reason to avail of a structured resume builder for assistance.