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Free Transportation Resume Templates

Transportation jobs require good resume presentations which are available on our site. We have some pre-existing templates and designs which can be edited and changed as per the needs of the clients. We have reviewed each resume and researched the market standards; set of skills of certifications and courses required for the jobs and made resumes based on these researches. Head over to our site to view the existing templates and select one which suits you the most. The entire process is easy and quick which is different from spending hours into research work yourself and making a resume on your own.


There are many different transportation positions a potential employee can look into when it comes to employment opportunities in the transportation field. There are also many differing laws which govern one’s ability to become employed in the transportation industry.

When using a resume template program, it is not uncommon to have to narrow down your transportation career choices prior to composing your resume. Questions used to define your job classification potentials; the equipment you are authorized to operate; whether passengers may be accommodated in the specialized industry you are applying in; whether air-brake endorsements are required or if any other specialized secondary licenses are required.

A tractor trailer driver’s license is the highest form of driver’s license you can obtain to drive on any major or minor highway within North America. Long-haul, short-haul, local runs are all available with your license. Van, flat-deck, step-deck, drop-deck trailers all enable a tractor trailer driver to offer different services and different weight and sizes the driver is allowed to transport on the highway or in the cities.

Once this information has been established, a readymade resume template program can take over and provide a complete resume for your intended field.


Tractor trailer truck drivers do more than just take freight and products from an origin point to a delivery point. Drivers are required by law to maintain a trip/driving log. Drivers must provide medical exams, mandatory drug and alcohol testing, as well as endurance testing. It is expected that a driver provide a Driver’s Abstract current for no more than 30 days from the date of any job offer and valid for a 3 to 5-year period or for as long as a truck driver has been licensed.

Drivers map the best way to get to their destinations taking into account road construction, overhead power lines for over-sized high loads and narrow roads for oversized-wide loads. Drivers may need to provide a dangerous goods transportation certificate or if delivery destinations include construction sites, a driver may be required to have WHMIS or CSTS prior to delivering to those sites.

Your licenses and other paperwork required for tractor trailer truck driving resume could be showcased with the aid of a resume sample creator.


When you are starting out in a new career, it is always wise to market yourself in that way. One way to ensure your marketability by emphasizing that you have not had time to create bad habits in your commercial driving.

By placing the emphasis on your learned skills and your willingness to take direction and ask for help when you are unsure of a situation; potential employers may prefer to hire and train potential employees in their established practises. A readymade resume sample may help lay these pluses out in a positive manner by helping to highlight the training you have had and the training that may still be required.


A good cover letter can be the difference between obtaining a position with a possible employer or missing a great employment opportunity. Besides helping to describe your relevant skills, it can help to define your exact objective, a resume template builder would help to define your needs.

For unadvertised work opportunities, a cover letter to address what the potential employer may be able to offer you, as an employee, and what you are looking to find in a potential employer may, help to earn an employment opportunity.

Similarly, for an advertised position, a well written cover letter shows a potential employer that you have specific qualifications the company is seeking, and it shows the potential employer that you have read the job posting and in doing so, you are confident that you bring the education and skills necessary to fill the position. If you do not have all the skills necessary for the position, you can market yourself as the perfect candidate because you are ready willing and able to learn what you do not currently have in the skill or experience areas.


Any style added to a resume can help it get noticed by a potential employer, and a readymade resume template builder would give some good options to accomplish this task.

A career in the transportation industry requires many different skills. A resume sample creator may help you arrange your skills in an order of relevance to the job posting or in an order of importance to other job postings if you are applying for a position with a company that has not posted a position.

It is important to prepare your resume for the position you are applying for, however that is not always necessary if, for example you are attending a career fair. In this instance, you can prepare a generic resume example, or you can gather information from the potential employers and prepare specific resumes and cover letters to send to a specific person in the company. Either choice is a good start to introduce yourself to a potential employer.