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Free Travel And Hospitality Resume Templates

Whether you are working in an airline service or at a reputed hotel or any other travel and hospitality service you need to create a good detailed resume that will enlist all your skills and work descriptions clearly. Resume designing isn’t an easy job but we make it certainly easy for you by providing you with a range of possible resume designs. You can simply select the ideal template and work on the specifications. Add relevant details and change the name, contact and designation. The entire process is easy and quick. Candidates are guaranteed to receive responses and excellent opportunities from companies by making sure they are highlighting their skills and being precise in their objectives.


Regardless of which position you are applying for in the hospitality industry, there are a few core factors which you should keep in mind from the outset. The cover letter itself should always be tailored to both the company and specific position. This means, nothing generic.

Cover letter samples online will show that if you want to present a very well structured and clear cover letter. This will be the earliest sight of you application, therefore, you want to make sure it is error free and thorough.

Use the introductory paragraph to provide a concise and clear picture of yourself, similar to an elevator speech. In further paragraphs, you will want to highlight your ranges of experiences and any transferable skills you can bring to the position.

It is important that you demonstrate your knowledge of the industry and company. This is in addition to briefly stating why you are the best candidate and how you can help advance your potential employers business.

Finally, you should close in a very polite and respectful manner whilst trying to leave the communication open-ended. This should serve to communicate the polite and professional manner in which you will handle the lifeblood of the hospitality industry - guests.


In terms of nailing down a hospitality position, the most sought after university degrees will be in international tourism, hospitality or hotel/restaurant management. That said, whilst having a university degree can be a big advantage in terms of securing a management level position, they are quite often not required for many workers within the travel and hospitality sector.

A much greater factor in terms of securing the best possible position is your experience. This is especially relevant as you approach the upper tiers of the service industry. Luxury hotels or resorts and cruise ships hiring managers will very often require that you possess at least a couple of years of similar prior experience. The best way to find the types of degrees that are acceptable, search for hospitality resume examples online, and compare them with your own to gauge your viability as a candidate.

Naturally, having completed a travel or hospitality related degree will serve as an excellent platform for you to fain this high-end experience through university partnerships with big company names. As a very hand-on industry however, much of your training will be completed on the job itself.


Although there are varying standards throughout airlines in terms of becoming a flight attendant, it is generally the case that a university education is not required. High school graduation is enough to apply for a flight attendant position with the majority of airlines.

A second area where minimum requirements exist is with the height restrictions. Again, these tend to vary between airlines but usually fall within the range of 150cm as a minimum height and 190cm as a maximum height. Largely, this requirement is based on the need to open and close the overhead compartments of an aircraft with ease. In the case of some airlines, particularly in countries where there is fierce completion for roles such as Korea, maximum age limits for applicant are also commonplace. There are usually between ages 30-35.

A final area which potential applicants need to be aware of is the health and safety requirements. Whilst all potential flight attendants receive comprehensive training, there often exists requirements where the applicant must have swimming ability of up to 50m unaided in open water.

For a complete list of requirements check out resume samples online to see if there are any that you have apart from the usual ones. This way you can make your resume unique by highlighting them.


In the cruise industry, more than in land-based positions, you should have extensive high level experience in order to be considered. Generally, you will require at least a few years at a 5 star level on land as a general manager in order to give yourself the best chance to be considered for this role at sea.

In most cases though, despite an extremely high level of skill and experience, preference for these higher level positions such as hotel director will routinely be given to only those who have experience at sea. Therefore, you should be working for another cruise company for at least a few years and at least in the position of Restaurant Manager, Head Sommelier or Assistant Hotel Director in order to be consider.

Ship life is extremely difficult and a real environment and cultural change from a land-based position. This serves to put those who have previous ship-based experience in an advantageous position when applying for such a role.

You can highlight these experiences by editing the resume template you’re using or create a separate section of its own.


Generally speaking, it is sufficient to use the phrase ‘References are available upon request’. Usually, a potential employer will only ask to check your references once they are preparing to offer you the position.

Whilst this is general practice and more convenient for you as an employee, sometimes including at least one short, positive reference from a previous employer can give you the final edge in picking up the position. In a resume builder’s template you add this in the reference section or if you’re composing your own then highlight the reference separately. Ensure however, that the reference is relevant to the position for which you are applying.

If references are requested by an employer, try your utmost to ensure you provide them with the most positive potential reference possible and also up to date contact information for the referee to help expedite the process.


In order to take on the role of sommelier, ideally you would possess several years of similar experience at a high-end establishment on land. With this experience, or having worked your way up to the position from your ship experience, you will require at least a certification from a national guild of sommeliers in order to be considered.

Many ship-based sommeliers have attempted to become master sommelier, completing the grueling courses and examinations. With this in mind, you should display extensive knowledge of the various wine varietals at interview as well as examples in your resume.

In terms of safety qualifications, again, preferences will likely be given to those who have completed STCW95 certification. This certification is mandatory and the minimum requirement in order to work on board a cruise vessel. Whilst many companies will provide their crew with this training, you will certainly be preferred if you are already in possession of a current STCW certification.


Communicating strong management skills within your resume alone requires excellent formatting from beginning to end. A concise and well-structured personal profile which communicates your key attributes clearly is an excellent start. You can check our resume templates to see how it’s done or you can Google a bunch of resume examples to have ideas.

Noting your past experience in chronological order, abridged to include the most relevant experience if necessary shows that you have ability to organize yourself well and alter a situation if required.

One of the key attributes of a restaurant manager is communication, therefore, you should attempt to keep your resume neat and informative without too much in the way of subjective writing. This can help promote your decisive communication and leadership quality.