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Warehousing officers and supervisors can look for better opportunities for their career scopes. If you have ever applied for a job then it must be easier to understand how tough the competition can get. But we help you with a major factor - resume. Our resumes are created in an easy and stress-free way, we have designed each resume diligently to make sure that we get the skills and the requirements right. Head over to our site to view the professional range of resumes we have to offer. We guarantee you smart success and a chance to improve your career.


Before you decide which road, you intend to go down for warehousing, you should invest some time in researching resume examples and trying out online resume creators. A resume creator is a program dedicated to the interview of your credentials, accomplishments, skills, education, experience and hobbies could be the help you need to make your choice between private and public warehousing.

There are many differences between public and private warehousing business facilities; and that of the industry itself. Still if your decision has not yet become clear, you might want to identify the pros and/or cons of the two sectors. In classifying your position, you may find you prefer one over the other.

Corporate owned space, services many private inventories Corporate owned space services corporate-owned private inventory
Corporate serviced workers leased to private inventory owners Corporate serviced workers operating single corporate inventory
Short & long-term inventory storage leased to private inventory owners Corporate inventory turn-over – single or multiple location retail
Corporate workers conduct private physical inventory inspections weekly/monthly/quarterly/yearly for each private inventory Corporate inventory management system requires less additional physical inventory inspection due to the corporate management system.
Supply chain management for multiple private inventories means different inventory items and different warehousing needs and delivery destinations Corporate inventory means single inventory supply line even with multiple delivery destinations

Another way to help you decide is to research the qualifications needed for the industry as a whole or individually. Researching is also a wise idea because it could help you identify if there are differences in salary ranges due to specific requirements needed from one subsector to the other.


You are indeed correct there are five different subsectors of the warehousing industry. First though, to gain exposure for your resume, in all five subsectors of the warehousing industry is not a realistic goal, unless that is your career objective. Even then, after you have gained experience in all five subsectors, you would have to repeat them in succession over and over. The technology has changed the way warehousing is managed, and in doing so, the technology would force relearning after all five subsectors have been experienced.

If you are worried about what subsector you want to end up in, researching the subsectors in depth will answer that question for you. Once you have made your decision which subsector you are going to target your resume; you can move forward with the job of preparing an outstanding resume on your own or with the help of resume examples online.

As a rule, inventory management is a physical career position rather than a lengthy educational one. Once you learn the physical machinery to support the position, inventory management fundamentals are more natural to cope with. Mathematics is a requirement; however, the math is mainly addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. In middle and upper management, more mathematical education is required, for shipping, receiving and manifest clearing.

Depending on your desired position, your resume can take many formats. The most common of these formats are:

the functional resume, which is also known as a combined resume; and the reverse chronological resume.

Helping you make the best of your resume, there is a resume template maker. Most resume template software programs today, are fully functional programs that do not rely solely on your memory to make a timeline for your education and/or your experience. Resume builder programs are fully interactive and conduct interview-type questions to establish your education level, your experience with employers, your achievements, your everyday skills, your hobbies and your objective for preparing a resume.

Finally, the five different subsectors in the warehousing industry are:

Warehousing Subsector Characteristics of a Warehouse Subsector

Private Warehousing

Any warehouse: constructed by farmers near their fields; retailers regional warehousing (cater to their regional stores); rented by retail stores close to stores; constructed by manufacturers for their production units; owned and managed by wholesalers’ retailers close to their selling centers; owned/leased by wholesaler close to own stores with fixed and variable costs

Public Warehousing

Owned by the government or semi-government & available for private firms to store goods for rental payment; to help small traders & retailers – short term; inefficient if space at capacity; governmentally regulated; costs incurred by a private firm are variable; mainly used by small manufacturers, satellite retailers, exporters & importers

Bonded Storage

Owned, managed & controlled governmentally or private agencies which have been licensed by government; government agencies hold control over private agencies to pay taxes on time; private agency pay either excise duty and/or custom duty, without paying duty, private agency cannot take over or open goods; warehouses found by land borders crossings and on or near ports & international shipping docks owned by dock authorities

Co-operative Warehousing

Owned, operated & managed by co-operative; member exclusivity – to assist warehouse members, not for profit; co-operative membership pays most economical rate for facility storage

Distribution Centre Warehousing

Owned, operated & managed by parent corporation to facilitate quick transfer of goods to satellite stores; can house and ship large quantities for short periods of time; complete computerized control over goods to make movements of goods – fast and reliable; warehousing found close to satellite stores to ensure ability to store products less than a day; goods transferred in during morning and transferred out in evening.

Before entering the warehousing industry as a permanent full-time employee, there are some considerations to make. Are you looking to go into Bonded Warehousing Service; are you looking to service yourself out to public facilities for private storage options or perhaps under the banner of a Co-operative Warehousing facility. With each of these comes its own individual service requirements. While there will be similarities because warehousing spaces are all for housing inventory; there are as many differences as there are inventory goods. Browse through our resume samples creator to help you classify your skills, experience and education for whichever inventory management warehousing servicing space you have decided to work within.

Once your resume is created to your satisfaction, it is time to get to work on a matching cover letter. If your resume can be your most important tool when trying to obtain a new career; your cover letter can be your most important tool to catch the attention of a potential employer. Your resume may be the best resume ever, but if it is attached to a long and drawn-out cover letter in 10 point font, your resume will be passed over because of your cover letter.

Your cover letter should not be a carbon copy of your resume. The information contained in your cover letter should address specific items:

Who the letter is from Your soft skills
Who the letter is to Hobbies and why you do them
The reason for the letter Specific items and/or achievements why you feel you are a match for the career posting as it was written by the employer

Finally, there are common aspects that are said to be valid for all inventory management servicing space you are looking to enter:


In this age of technology, it is great to know the tools we have trusted for a long time, still come in handy! So, since your resume has worked so well for you in the past, perhaps you should give it a little boost to make it shine! There are some great resume builders on the internet which provide plenty of resume template options to choose from.

Your resume with your career goals first and foremost. Your goals should be defined and isolated in a fashion by the readymade resume sample. This should be followed by your skills and qualifications, matched to the career posting you are applying for so that the potential employer can see you have read and understood the posting.

Now that you have this part of your resume defined, it is a short finish to add only your relevant education, relevant internships and relevant work experience. Finishing your resume, you should add some hobbies and, if you determine they are relevant, a couple of references that will give your resume the perfect touch.

Now that you have that under control, it is time to pay some long overdue attention to your cover letter. There is never a good reason to construct a one-off cover letter for every position in the field you are applying. Career and job postings are all individualized. Corporations do not get together and agree to post 100 postings for a warehouse manager and use the same wording and ask for the same skills. For this reason, you should never write one letter to encompass all career postings.

If you want the career, you will want to take the time to give a cover letter some thought and a little love! Reread the career posting. What is your future prospective employer asking for in the job posting? Maybe you do not have all of the qualifications, but why not put those qualifications that you do not have, as an "I am looking to learn…" Or "I look forward to a mentor to help me enhance my skills in…"

Consider a little colour additive when you write-up your resume and cover letter. If you work with a colour theme, either by doing this yourself or by using this feature in a resume builder, your resume is sure to stand out from the competition.

A strong suggestion when building your resume is to consider these:

a. Format Presentation


b. Style Presentation


There are five basic Format Presentations as well as many Styles of Presentation. A resume sample creator can show you many techniques to present to your future potential employer.


Many professions require a number of different kinds of security clearances. In the Warehouse industry, there are different security requirements for the various warehouse types and also different security within some of the same warehouses. For example; in the food industry, there are statutes in Canada which prevent employees without the proper security clearance from entering individual sections of the warehouse unless they have a complete Criminal Reference Check. Most food distribution warehouses, in Canada, have segments for cigarettes and in the United States, there are sections for alcohol.

These warehousing sections in the food industry need a higher classification of security clearance. In some instances, regular warehouse employees are not allowed in these areas which may be just a few rows in the centre of the warehouse. However, these sections may be enclosed by gates and wire cage. The use of forklifts and hand trucks are only made available to employees with the proper security clearance in these sections.

When preparing your resume for a career in the warehousing industry, you should research the sector you intend to join. Once you have studied the industry, you can align your resume with the career position you are looking. A readymade resume sample will show you many different styles and a few different formats.